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Richard Caton Woodville, Jr.

Richard Caton Woodville was an English artist and illustrator, who is best known for being one... more »

Richard Cooper, Jr

Richard Cooper was born in Edinburgh, 6 February 1740 and died in London in 1814. He was the son... more »

Richard Dadd

Richard Dadd was an English painter of the Victorian era, noted for his depictions of fairies... more »

Richard Dana Smith

Richard Dana Smith is a screenwriter, artist, graphic designer, film art director and an... more »

Richard Deacon

Richard Deacon CBE is a British abstract sculptor, and a winner of the Turner Prize. more »

Richard Dickon Edwards

Dickon Edwards is a London-based indie pop musician, writer, critic, DJ and online diarist... more »

Richard Diebenkorn

Although his abstract work had earned him attention, it was his switch to representational art... more »

Richard Estes

Richard Estes is an American artist, best known for his photorealist paintings. The paintings... more »

Richard Fleischner

Richard Fleischner is a Providence, RI based environmental artist. Born in New York in 1944, he... more »

Richard H. Duffy

Richard H. Duffy (1881 - 1953) was an American sculptor. more »

Richard Haas

Richard John Haas is an American muralist who is best known for architectural murals and his use... more »

Richard Hamilton

Richard William Hamilton CH was a British painter and collage artist. His 1955 exhibition Man,... more »

Richard Isanove

Richard Isanove is a French artist and painter working in the American comic book industry. more »

Richard Kuranda

Richard Kuranda is an American director and artist of stage, cinema and television. He currently... more »

Richard Lindner

Richard Lindner was a German-American painter. more »

Richard Lippold

Richard Lippold was an American sculptor, known for his geometric constructions using wire as a... more »

Richard Marchand

Richard Marchand is a Canadian artist. Until the age of about 20, he lived in northern Canada in... more »

Richard Mock

Richard Mock was a printmaker, painter, sculptor, and editorial cartoonist. Mock was best known... more »

Richard Moynan

Richard Thomas Moynan was an Irish painter. Moynan was born in Dublin and studied there at the... more »

Richard Norris Brooke

Richard Norris Brooke (1847-1920) was an American painter. more »

Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips is an American artist. He was born in Marblehead, Massachusetts and lives and... more »

Richard Pousette-Dart

Richard Warren Pousette-Dart was an American artist most recognized as a founder of the New York... more »

Richard Prince

Richard Prince is an American painter and photographer. Prince began appropriating photographs... more »

Richard Rappaport

Richard Rappaport, born 1944 in Pittsburgh, is a classically trained painter of portraits and... more »

Richard Rogler

Richard Rogler is an award-winning German Kabarett artist and professor of Kabarett at the... more »

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