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Kaoru Ikeya

Kaoru Ikeya is a Japanese amateur astronomer who discovered a number of comets. As a young... more »

Karen Jean Meech

Karen J. Meech is an astronomer at the Institute for Astronomy in the University of Hawaii... more »

Karl Augustesen

Karl A. Augustesen is a Danish astronomer. Working at Brorfelde Observatory, he has discovered a... more »

Karl Friedrich Knorre

Karl Khristoforovich Friedrich Knorre; Russian: Карл Христофорович Кнорре was a Russian... more »

Karl Friedrich Küstner

Karl Friedrich Küstner was a German astronomer who also made contributions to Geodesy. In 1888... more »

Karl Gordon Henize

Karl Gordon Henize[p], Ph.D. was an astronomer, NASA astronaut, space scientist, and professor... more »

Karl Guthe Jansky

Karl Guthe Jansky was an American physicist and radio engineer who in August 1931 first... more »

Karl L. Littrow

Karl Ludwig Edler von Littrow was an Austrian astronomer. Born in Kazan, Russian Empire, son of... more »

Karl Ludwig Harding

Karl Ludwig Harding was a German astronomer notable for having discovered the asteroid 3 Juno. more »

Karl Ludwig Hencke

Karl Ludwig Hencke was a German amateur astronomer. He is sometimes confused with Johann Franz... more »

Karl Schwarzschild

Karl Schwarzschild was a German physicist and astronomer. He is also the father of... more »

Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth

Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth was a German astronomer. He was a prolific discoverer of asteroids,... more »

Kārlis Šteins

Kārlis Šteins was a Latvian and Soviet astronomer and populariser of this science. In 1925 he... more »

Kasimir Graff

Kasimir Romuald Graff was a German astronomer. He worked as an assistant at the Hamburg... more »

Kazuo Kubokawa

Kazuo Kubokawa was a Japanese astronomer. He co-discovered the asteroid 1139 Atami. During the... more »

Kazuro Watanabe

Kazuro Watanabe is an amateur Japanese astronomer. He was born in Hokkaidō, Japan and is a... more »

Ken Freeman

Kenneth Charles Freeman, FAA, FRS is an Australian astronomer and astrophysicist who is... more »

Kenneth J. Lawrence

Kenneth J. Lawrence is an American astronomer. He has discovered numerous asteroids, and also... more »

Kenzo Suzuki

Kenzo Suzuki is a Japanese astronomer from Toyota, Aichi, Japan. Between 1984 and 1992, he,... more »

Kevin Marvel

Kevin Marvel is an astronomer. more »

Khālid ibn ʿAbd al‐Malik al‐Marwarrūdhī

Khālid ibn ʿAbd al‐Malik al‐Marwarrūdhī was a Zanji slave who was taken to Persia in the 9th... more »


Kidinnu was a Chaldean astronomer and mathematician. Strabo of Amaseia called him Kidenas, Pliny... more »

Kiichirō Furukawa

Kiichirō Furukawa is a Japanese astronomer at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory. He has also... more »

Kim Weaver

Dr. Kimberly A. Weaver is an American astrophysics astronomer and professor. She has worked with... more »

Kin Endate

Kin Endate is a Japanese amateur astronomer who has discovered 614 asteroids, placing him among... more »

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