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F Micheal Ball

F. Michael Ball is the chief executive officer of Hospira. more »

F. Duane Ackerman

Duane Ackerman is the retired chairman and chief executive officer of the BellSouth... more »

F. Nelson Blount

F. Nelson Blount was president and founder of Blount Seafood Corporation. He was a millionaire... more »

F. Ray Keyser, Jr.

Frank Ray Keyser is a lawyer and politician from Vermont. He served as Speaker of the Vermont... more »

F. Ross Johnson

Frederick Ross Johnson, OC is a Canadian businessman, best known as the chief executive officer... more »

F. Timothy Richards

F. Timothy Richards is the vice president, Electronics Group of Delphi. He is also a member of... more »

Fabiane Niclotti

Fabiane Niclotti is a model in Brazil. She is also a student and a business manager of a... more »

Fabien Chalandon

Fabien Chalandon is the husband of Thora Mahdavi-Chalandon and the son of Salome Murat Chalandon... more »

Fabrice Brégier

Fabrice Brégier is a highly successful French manager and technocrat. He was appointed president... more »

Fabrice Grinda

Fabrice Grinda is a French entrepreneur and investor. Born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France,... more »

Fabrice Kerhervé

Fabrice Kerhervé is the partner of Ornella Muti. more »

Fabrizio Freda

Fabrizio Freda is an Italian business executive. more »

Fadi Chehadé

Fadi Chehadé is an information technology executive, founder of RosettaNet and current Chief... more »

Fadli Zon

Fadli Zon is one of the founders of Great Indonesia Movement Party. more »

Fahad bin Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Saud

fahad bin khalid bin abdullah al saud is the president of saudi sports club Al Ahly. more »

Fahed Salem Al-Ajmi

Fahed Salem Al-Ajmi is the managing director of Kuwait National Petroleum Company. more »

Fahmida Mirza

Fahmida Mirza, was and 18th Speaker of the National Assembly, a lower house of Parliament of... more »

Fahrudin Radončić

Fahrudin Radončić is a Bosnian businessman and politician. He is owner of the Dnevni Avaz... more »

Faik Açıkalın

Faik Açıkalın is a businessperson. more »

Fairuza Balk

Fairuza Balk is an American film actress. She made her theatrical film debut as Dorothy Gale in... more »

Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Faisal bin Salman is a member of the House of Saud and governor of Madinah province in Saudi Arabia. more »

Faisal Farooqui

Faisal I. Farooqui is an Indian entrepreneur, best known as the Founder and Chief Executive... more »

Fanny Lieberman

Fanny Lieberman was a businessperson. more »

Farhad Moshiri

Ardavan Farhad Moshiri is an Iranian-British businessman and investor, who resides in Monaco... more »

Farley Earle Granger I

Farley Earle Granger I was the father of Farley Granger. more »

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