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Yaakov Peri

Ya'akov Peri is a former head of the Israeli security agency Shin Bet and currently a politician... more »

Yael Andorn

Yael Andorn is the director-general in Israel Ministry of Finance. more »

Yakub Hasan Sait

Maulana Yakub Hasan Sait or simply Yakub Hasan Sait was an Indian businessman, freedom-fighter... more »

Yakup Ağa

Yakup Ağa or Ebu Yusuf Nurullah Yakub, was the father of the Barbarossa Brothers, Oruç and... more »

Yang Hyun-suk

Yang Hyun-suk is a South Korean singer who rose to fame as a member of Seo Taiji and Boys. After... more »

Yang Lan

Yang Lan is a Chinese media propeitor, journalist, and talk show hostess. She is the co-owner... more »

Yang Yuanqing

Yang Yuanqing is the current chief executive officer of Lenovo. more »

Yaron Versano

Yaron Versano is a businessperson. more »

Yasin al-Qadi

Yasin Abdullah Ezzedine al-Qadi is a Saudi Arabian businessman listed by the United States... more »

Yasmin Spain

Yasmin Spain is an actress and a business person. more »

Yasmina Siadatan

Yasmina Siadatan is a British businesswoman of British and Iranian descent. She was the winner... more »

Yasuhiro Hitomi

Yasuhiro Hitomi is a Senior Vice President at Shimano, Inc., assigned to the engineering... more »

Yasuki Kurosawa

Yasuki Kurosawa serves as Senior Vice President for Japan Operations at Cisco Systems Inc. more »

Yasuo Nishinouchi

Yasuo Nishinouchi is the son of Tamanishiki San'emon. more »

Yasuyoshi Tokuma

Yasuyoshi Tokuma was a film producer. more »

Yazid Sabeg

Yazid Sabeg, born on 8 January 1950 in Guelma, Algeria, is the president of the administrative... more »

Ye Zheyun

Ye Zheyun is a Chinese business man who is accused of being involved in a Belgian football... more »

Yehuda Talit

Yehuda Talit is an Israeli businessman, record producer and talent agent. more »

Yelena Baturina

Yelena Nikolayevna Baturina is a Russian oligarch, Russia's richest woman and the only Russian... more »

Yeslam bin Ladin

Yeslam bin Muhammad bin 'Awad bin Ladin better known as Yeslam bin Laden, also written Yeslam... more »

Yeung Shing

Yeung Shing is a businessperson and the father of Albert Yeung. more »

Yevgeny Chichvarkin

Yevgeny Alexandrovich Chichvarkin is a former Russian businessman who founded the largest... more »

Yiannis Boutaris

Yiannis Boutaris is a Greek businessman, politician and current mayor of Thessaloniki. He is the... more »

Yildiray Karaer

Yildiray Karaer is a co-founder of Corendon and the current Chairman of Corendon Airlines. more »

Yıldırım Demirören

Yıldırım Demirören is a Turkish businessman, former chairman of the Istanbul-based Turkish... more »

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