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T K Kurien

T K Kurien is an Indian chartered accountant. He is the Chief Executive Officer of IT Business... more »

T Michael Goodrich

T. Michael Goodrich is a former CEO and chairman of BE&K. He is a recipient of the Silver... more »

T. B. Walker

Thomas Barlow Walker was a highly successful American businessperson who acquired timber in... more »

T. Boone Pickens, Jr.

Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr., known as T. Boone Pickens, is an American business magnate and... more »

T. Charles Pierson

T. Charles Pierson is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of... more »

T. Denny Sanford

Thomas Denny Sanford is a South Dakota businessman and philanthropist. He is currently the... more »

T. J. Davis

T. J. Davis is the father of Mac Davis. more »

T. Narasimhan

T. Narasimhan is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of MTS India. more »

T. R. M. Howard

Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard was an American civil rights leader, fraternal organization... more »

T.H. Tung

T.H. Tung is a co-founder of ASUS. more »

Tabish Gauhar

Tabish Gauhar is the CEO of Karachi Electric Supply Company. more »

Tadao Chino

Tadao Chino was the President of the Asian Development Bank from January 16, 1999 to February 1,... more »

Tadashi Yanai

Tadashi Yanai is founder and president of Fast Retailing, of which Uniqlo is a subsidiary. He is... more »

Taek Jin Kim

Taek Jin Kim is the CEO of NCsoft. more »

Tai Ho

Tai Ho is a businessperson. more »

Taizo Shimano

Taizo Shimano is a Senior Vice President at Shimano, Inc., where is the Head of their fishing... more »

Taj Mohammed Khan

Taj Mohammed Khan was the father of Shahrukh Khan. more »

Takanobu Ito

Takanobu Ito is a Japanese senior business executive at Honda Motor Co., who has served as the... more »

Takashi Iwamura

Takashi Iwamura is a former baseball player and a businessperson. more »

Takashi Tezuka

Takashi Tezuka, sometimes credited under his nickname Ten Ten, is a video game designer working... more »

Takashi Toyoshima

Takashi Toyoshima is a Senior Vice President at Shimano, Inc., assigned to the system... more »

Takashi Yamanouchi

Takashi Yamanouchi is a Japanese businessman. Yamanouchi has been the President, Representative... more »

Takayuki Ishida

Takayuki Ishida is a businessperson. more »

Takeo Fujisawa

Takeo Fujisawa was a Japanese businessman who co-founded Honda Motor Co., Ltd. alongside... more »

Takeo Kita

Takeo Kita was a production designer, film art director and former president and representative... more »

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