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K. Shankar Pillai

Kesava Shankara Pillai, better known as Shankar, was an Indian cartoonist. He is considered the... more »

K. Todd Lytle

K. Todd Lytle is an actor, businessperson and cartoonist. more »

Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews is a Canadian comic book writer and artist and filmmaker known for his cover work... more »

Kan Chun

Kan Chun was a Burmese satirist, journalist, novelist, cartoonist and painter from Mandalay,... more »

Kang Full

Kang Full is the pen name of Kang Do-young, a South Korean webcomic artist. Regarded as a first... more »

Kang Kyung-ok

Kang Kyung-ok is a Manhwa artist whose work "It's Two People" was adopted into the film Someone... more »

Karen Berger

Karen Berger is an American comic book editor. She is best known as the Executive Editor of DC... more »

Karine Haaland

Karine Haaland is a Norwegian comic strip creator, animator and illustrator, known for the comic... more »

Karl Kesel

Karl Kesel is an American comics writer and inker whose works have primarily been under contract... more »

Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton is a Canadian comics artist, and creator of the comic strip Hark! A Vagrant. more »

Kate Worley

Kathleen L Worley was an American comic book writer best known for her work on Omaha the Cat... more »

Katherine Collins

Katherine Shannon Collins, formerly Arn Saba, is a Canadian cartoonist, writer, media... more »

Katja Tukiainen

Katja Maarit Tukiainen is a Finnish painter and comics artist. She was the regional artist of... more »

Katsuya Terada

Katsuya Terada is a screenwriter and a costume designer. more »


Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis, or Kaz, is an American cartoonist and illustrator. In the 1980s,... more »

Keith Giffen

Keith Ian Giffen is an American comic book illustrator and writer. more »

Keith Knight

Keith Edgar Knight, Jr. is an American cartoonist and musician. While his work is humorous and... more »

Kelley Puckett

Kelley Puckett is a comic book writer. He is notable for having co-created D.C. characters... more »

Kelvin Gosnell

Kelvin Gosnell is a British comics writer and editor. He was involved in the founding of the... more »

Ken Emerson

Kenneth Albert Emerson was an Australian cartoonist and comic strip creator. He is best known... more »

Ken Kling

Ken Kling was a cartoonist. more »

Ken Maynard

Ken Maynard was an Australian cartoonist. Maynard had an older sister, Florence, and a younger... more »

Ken Reid

Ken Reid was a British comic artist and writer, best known as the co-creator of Roger the Dodger... more »

Ken Steacy

Ken Steacy is a Canadian comics artist and writer best known for his work on the NOW Comics... more »

Kenn Navarro

Kenn Navarro is a Filipino American animator known for creating the popular internet cartoon... more »

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