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M. Wartella

Michael M. Wartella is an American underground cartoonist and animator based in New York City... more »

Mac Raboy

Emmanuel "Mac" Raboy was an American cartoonist whose comic books and strips remain collectibles... more »

Mad Peck

The Mad Peck is an American underground cartoonist. His work first appeared in underground... more »

Maddie Blaustein

Madeleine Joan "Maddie" Blaustein was an American voice actress. Blaustein was the second oldest... more »

Mads Eriksen

Mads Eriksen is a Norwegian cartoonist, best known for the comic strips M and Gnom. more »

Maggie Thompson

Margaret "Maggie" Thompson, is a former librarian, longtime editor of the now-defunct Comics... more »

Maher Sabry

Maher Sabry is an Egyptian theater director, playwright, film director, producer and... more »

Mahmoud Shokraye

Mahmoud Shokraye is an Iranian cartoonist. He is most famous in English-speaking world for being... more »

Maitena Burundarena

Maitena Burundarena, better known as Maitena, is an Argentine cartoonist. more »

Makoto Raiku

Makoto Raiku is a manga artist whose works have appeared prominently in Shogakukan's publication... more »


Pierre Fournier is a French comics writer and comics artist, working under the pen name Makyo... more »

Malcolm Evans

Malcolm Paul Evans is a New Zealand cartoonist residing in Auckland. Evans' cartoons appear... more »

Malcolm St. Clair

Malcolm St. Clair, also known as Mal St Clair, was a Hollywood film director, writer, producer... more »

Malky McCormick

Malky McCormick is a cartoonist and caricaturist. more »


Manjul is an Indian political cartoonist. After working with major Indian publications like... more »

Manny Gould

Manny Gould was an American animated cartoonist from the 1920s to the 1970s. more »

Manuel Vázquez Gallego

Manuel Vázquez Gallego, was a Spanish comic artist and writer. He was one of the most important... more »

Marc Caro

Marc Caro, born April 2, 1956, is a French filmmaker and cartoonist, best known for his... more »

Marc Gascoigne

Marc Gascoigne is a British author and editor. He is the editor, author or co-author of more... more »

Marc Hansen

Marc Hansen is a cartoonist and creator of Ralph Snart, Weird Melvin and Doctor Gorpon. He has... more »

Marc Hempel

Marc Hempel is an American cartoonist/comics artist best known for his work on The Sandman with... more »

Marc Simont

Marc Simont was a Paris-born American artist, political cartoonist, and illustrator of more than... more »

Marc Sleen

Marcel Honoree Nestor, Knight Neels, known with his pseudonym Marc Sleen, is a Flemish/Belgian... more »

Marc Sumerak

Marc Sumerak is a freelance comic book writer from Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Sumerak is currently... more »

Marcel Uderzo

Marcel Uderzo is a cartoonist and the brother of Albert Uderzo. more »

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