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Federico Curiel

Federico Curiel was an actor, film director, screenwriter, writer, cartoonist, composer and... more »

Federico Jusid

Federico Jusid is a pianist and composer. more »

Federico Maria Sardelli

Federico Maria Sardelli is an Italian conductor, Historicist composer, musicologist and... more »

Federico Mompou

Frederic Mompou i Dencausse was a Catalan Spanish composer and pianist. He is best known for his... more »

Federico Moreno Torroba

Federico Moreno Tórroba was a Spanish composer, born in Madrid. He is noted foremost for his... more »

Federico Ughi

Federico Ughi is an Italian drummer and composer. He works primarily in the fields of free... more »

Feim Ibrahimi

Feim Ibrahimi was born on 20 October 1935 in Gjirokastër, southern Albania. Essentially... more »

Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti also known as Fela Anikulapo Kuti or simply Fela, was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist... more »

Fela Sowande

Olufela Obafunmilayo Sowande was a Nigerian musician and composer. Considered the father of... more »

Felice Anerio

Felice Anerio was an Italian composer of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras, and a... more »

Felice Blangini

Giuseppe Marco Maria Felice Blangini was an Italian musical composer. more »

Felice Giardini

Felice Giardini was an Italian composer and violinist. Felice Giardini was born in Turin. When... more »

Felice Lattuada

Felice Lattuada was an Italian composer. Lattuada was born at Caselle di Morimondo, near Milan... more »

Félicien David

Félicien-César David was a French composer. more »

Félicien Menu de Ménil

Félicien Menu de Ménil was a French composer and Esperanto enthusiast best known for his musical... more »

Feliks Nowowiejski

Feliks Nowowiejski was a Polish composer, conductor, concert organist, and music teacher... more »

Felipe Colombo

Felipe Colombo Eguía; is a Mexican-Argentine actor, singer, songwriter, musician and former... more »

Felipe de Jesús Villanueva Gutiérrez

Felipe de Jesús Villanueva Gutiérrez was a Mexican composer. more »

Felipe Pedrell

Felip Pedrell, was a Spanish Catalan composer. He worked as a musicologist and early music... more »

Felipe Peláez

Felipe Pelaez is a singer. more »

Felipe Pinglo Alva

Felipe Pinglo Alva, known as the father of Peruvian Musica criolla, was an influential and... more »

Felippe Valadão

Felippe Valadão is a singer and composer. more »

Félix Alexandre Guilmant

Félix-Alexandre Guilmant was a French organist and composer. more »

Felix Battanchon

Félix Battanchon was a French cellist, composer, and one of the venerated teachers at the Paris... more »

Felix Benda

Felix Benda was a Bohemian composer and organist. He was a member of the Benda musical... more »

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