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Fouzieh Majd

Fouzieh Majd is a Persian composer and ethnomusicologist. She educated in England and France. In... more »

Fran Lhotka

Fran Lhotka was a Czech-born Croatian composer of classical music. Lhotka was born in Mladá... more »

Franc O'Shea

Franc O'Shea is a bassist and composer born in Swaziland, Africa. He has worked with many... more »

France Ačko

France Ačko was a Slovenian musician, organist and composer of sacred music. He studied music... more »

Frances Allitsen

Mary Frances Allitsen was an English composer. One of her most popular songs is a setting of... more »

Frances Berda

Frances Berda composed the music for Nigerian anthem "Nigeria, We Hail Thee." more »

Frances Scott Fitzgerald

Frances Scott "Scottie" Fitzgerald was the only child of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda... more »

Francesc Alió

Francesc Alió i Brea was a Catalan composer. In 1892, he wrote the music of Els Segadors, the... more »

Francesca Caccini

Francesca Caccini was an Italian composer, singer, lutenist, poet, and music teacher of the... more »

Francesca Draper

Francesca Draper was a musician and composer and the wife of Paul Linke. more »

Francesca Lebrun

Francesca Lebrun, née Danzi, was a noted 18th-century German singer and composer. She was born... more »

Francesco Antonio Bonporti

Francesco Antonio Bonporti was an Italian priest and amateur composer. He was born in Trento. In... more »

Francesco Antonio Vallotti

Francesco Antonio Vallotti was an Italian composer, music theorist, and organist. more »

Francesco Azopardi

Francesco Azopardi was a Maltese composer and music theorist. more »

Francesco Balilla Pratella

Franceso Balilla Pratella was an Italian composer and musicologist. more »

Francesco Barsanti

Francesco Barsanti was an Italian flautist, oboist and composer. He was born in the Tuscan city... more »

Francesco Bartolomeo Conti

Francesco Bartolomeo Conti was an Italian composer and player of the mandolin and theorbo. He... more »

Francesco Bartolomeo de Leone

Francesco Bartolomeo de Leone was an American composer. Born in Ravenna, Ohio, he composed... more »

Francesco Basili

Francesco Basili was an Italian composer and conductor. He was born in Loreto and died in Rome. more »

Francesco Canova da Milano

Francesco Canova da Milano was an Italian lutenist and composer. He was born in Monza, near... more »

Francesco Cellavenia

Francesco Cellavenia was an Italian composer of the Renaissance, active in Casale... more »

Francesco Cilea

Francesco Cilea was an Italian composer. Today he is particularly known for his operas... more »

Francesco Corbetta

Francesco Corbetta was an Italian guitar virtuoso, teacher and composer. He spent his early... more »

Francesco Corteccia

Francesco Corteccia was an Italian composer, organist, and teacher of the Renaissance. Not only... more »

Francesco de Layolle

Francesco de Layolle, was an Italian composer and organist of the Renaissance. He was one of the... more »

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