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Harriet Williams Russell Strong

Harriet Williams Russell Strong was an American social activist, inventor, Conservationist, and... more »

Harvey Locke

Harvey Locke is a conservationist, writer, and photographer. He is a recognized global leader in... more »

Hector Wilks

Hector Wilks was an English botanist and conservationist. He is perhaps best known for... more »

Helen Freeman

Helen Elaine Freeman was an American conservationist and endangered species advocate, who... more »

Henri Blaffart

Henri Blaffart was a Belgian conservationist and environmentalist. Blaffart graduated from the... more »

Henry Fairfield Osborn

Henry Fairfield Osborn, Sr. ForMemRS was an American geologist, paleontologist, and eugenist,... more »

Henry Fairfield Osborn, Jr.

Henry Fairfield Osborn, Jr., son of the American geologist Henry Fairfield Osborn and cousin of... more »

Hugh Iltis

Hugh Hellmut Iltis is Professor Emeritus of Botany at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and is... more »