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David Hidalgo

David Kent Hidalgo is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his work with the band Los... more »

David Homyk

David Homyk is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. His music can be described as... more »

David Ian Meikle

David Ian Meikle was a member of the musical group, Unit 4+2. more »

David Immerglück

David A. Immerglück is an American multi-instrumentalist who is best known as a guitarist in the... more »

David Isberg

David Isberg is a Swedish musician, most famous for having founded seminal Swedish progressive... more »

David Kennedy

David James Kennedy is an American guitarist, songwriter and performer. He was also a member of... more »

David Knights

David Knights was the original bass guitarist in Procol Harum. He played bass on the hit single... more »

David Knopfler

David Knopfler is a British rhythm guitarist, pianist, record producer and singer-songwriter. He... more »

David Lee Murphy

David Lee Murphy is an American country music artist. Signed to MCA Nashville Records in 1994,... more »

David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth is an American rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, author, and former radio... more »

David Leroy Biller

David Leroy Biller is a guitarist. more »

David Lewis

David Lewis was the lead singer/guitarist for the 1980s, and 90s R&B, POP supergroup Atlantic... more »

David Lindley

David Perry Lindley is an American musician who is notable for his work with Jackson Browne,... more »

David Lowery

David Charles Lowery is an American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and mathematician. He is... more »

David Mansfield

David Mansfield is an American violinist, mandolin player, guitarist, pedal steel guitar player,... more »

David Marks

David Marks is a South African-born songwriter, singer, producer, music archivist, and publisher... more »

David Marks

David Lee Marks is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is best known as a member of... more »

David Max

David Max appeared in the The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye documentary film. more »

David McWilliams

David Samuel McWilliams was a Northern Irish singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known for... more »

David Miller

David Miller was an American country musician. He is one of the earliest musicians to be... more »

Dávid Nagy

David Nagy is a heavy metal guitarist. He currently plays with his band Helland. He was member... more »

David O'List

David 'Davy' O'List is an English rock guitarist, vocalist and trumpeter. Most notably, he... more »

David Otero

David Otero is a Spanish singer , guitarist and composer. He is a former member of the pop group... more »

David Rawlings

David Todd Rawlings is a professional guitarist and singer. He is best known as the longtime... more »

David Roback

David Roback is a guitarist and songwriter best known as a member of the duo Mazzy Star. Roback... more »

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