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Stan Penridge

Stan Penridge is a songwriter and a guitarist. more »

Stan Webb

Stan Webb is a member of the musical group, Chicken Shack. more »

Stanisław Zybowski

Stanisław Zybowski was a guitarist, composer and a member of the Polish rock band Budka Suflera. more »

Stanko Prek

Stanko Prek was a classical guitarist and composer from Slovenia. He studied first in Ljubljana... more »

Stanley Jordan

Stanley Jordan is an American jazz/jazz fusion guitarist and pianist. more »

Stef de Genf

Stef de Genf is a Swiss rock singer. more »

Stefan Olsdal

Stefan Alexander Bo Olsdal is the bassist/guitarist of the alternative rock band Placebo and is... more »

Stefano Grondona

Stefano Grondona is an Italian classical guitarist born in 1958. In 2002 he formed the guitar... more »

Steffen Sciuto

Steffen Sciuto was a member of the musical group, Break Even. more »

Steinar Gundersen

Steinar Gundersen, born 16 September 1970, is a guitarist from the small village of Oklungen,... more »

Stelth Ulvang

Stelth Ulvang is a member of the musical group The Lumineers. more »

Štěpán Rak

Štěpán Rak is a Rusyn-born Czech classical guitarist and composer. He is well known for the... more »

Stephan Jenkins

Stephan Douglas Jenkins, is an American musician best known as the lead singer, songwriter, and... more »

Stéphane Barbe

Stéphane Barbe is a guitarist. more »

Stéphane Wrembel

Stéphane Wrembel is a French born jazz guitarist currently residing in New Jersey. Wrembel is... more »

Stephanie Finch

Stephanie Finch is an American singer, keyboardist and guitarist. She is the wife of Chuck... more »

Stephen Barker Liles

Stephen Barker Liles is a singer and guitarist and a member of the musical group Love and Theft. more »

Stephen Bishop

Stephen Bishop is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and guitarist. more »

Stephen Bruton

Stephen Bruton was an American musician. more »

Stephen Butler

Stephen Butler is a guitarist and songwriter and is the husband of DyAnne DiSalvo. more »

Stephen Carpenter

Stephen "Stef" Carpenter is an American musician, known as the co-founder and lead guitarist of... more »

Stephen Carroll

Stephen Carroll is a Canadian rock guitarist, currently a member of the indie rock band The... more »

Stephen Christian

Stephen Christian is the lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Anberlin and his... more »

Stephen Davidson

Stephen Davidson is a singer and guitarist. more »

Stephen Egerton

Stephen Patrick O'Reilly, better known as Stephen Egerton, is an American guitarist, producer,... more »

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