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Albrecht Behmel

Albrecht Behmel is a German novelist, historian and award-winning playwright. more »

Albrecht Goetze

Albrecht Goetze was a German-American Hittitologist. Goetze was Professor of Semitic languages... more »

Alec Campbell

Alexander William Campbell was the final surviving Australian participant of the Gallipoli... more »

Aleksander Gieysztor

Aleksander Gieysztor was a Polish medievalist historian. more »

Alexander Amfiteatrov

Alexander Valentinovich Amfiteatrov; was a Russian writer and historian. more »

Alexander Brown

Alexander "Sandy" Brown was an American historical writer, the author of several books on the... more »

Alexander Dyukov

Aleksandr Reshideovich Dyukov, is a Russian historian, writer, journalist and blogger. Dyukov... more »

Alexander Hewat

Dr. Alexander Hewat was the first historian of South Carolina and Georgia, best known for his... more »

Alexander Johnston

Alexander Johnston was an American historian. more »

Alexander Keyssar

Alexander Keyssar is an American historian, and the Matthew W. Stirling Jr. Professor of History... more »

Alexander Lakier

Alexander Borisovich Lakier was a Russian historian of German descent who was interested in... more »

Alexander Rabinowitch

Alexander Rabinowitch is Professor Emeritus of History,Indiana University, Bloomington, where he... more »

Alexander Scott Withers

Alexander Scott Withers was the author of Chronicles of Border Warfare, a history of the early... more »

Alexander Smith Taylor

Alexander Smith Taylor, best known for his Indianology of California written in a column for The... more »

Alexander Vassiliev

Alexander Vassiliev is a Russian journalist, writer, and espionage historian living in London. A... more »

Alexandru Dimitrie Xenopol

Alexandru Dimitrie Xenopol was a Romanian scholar, economist, philosopher, historian, professor,... more »

Alexandru Moşanu

Alexandru Moşanu is a Moldovan politician, historian and professor. more »

Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis-Charles-Henri Clérel de Tocqueville was a French political thinker and historian best... more »

Alexis Korner

Alexis Korner was a British blues musician and radio broadcaster, who has sometimes been... more »

Alf Evers

Alf Evers was an American historian who lived in Ulster County, New York for much of his life... more »

Alfons Dopsch

Alfons Dopsch was an Austrian social and economic historian who specialised in the history of... more »

Alfonsas Eidintas

Alfonsas Eidintas is a historian, diplomat, and novelist. He is Lithuania's Ambassador to Greece. more »

Alfred A. Cave

Alfred A. Cave, Ph.D., D. Litt. is an American professor, historian, and author. He is a... more »

Alfred Bertram Guthrie, Jr.

Alfred Bertram Guthrie, Jr. was an American novelist, screenwriter, historian, and literary... more »

Alfred Billings Street

Alfred Billings Street was an American author and poet. more »

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