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Angélico Chávez

Reverend Fr. Fray Angelico Chavez was an American Franciscan priest, historian, author, poet,... more »

Angus Calder

Angus Lindsay Ritchie-Calder was a Scottish academic, writer, historian, educator and literary... more »

Angus Konstam

Angus Konstam is a Scottish author and historian. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland and raised on the... more »

Ania Dykczak

Ania Dykczak, also known as Anna Piwowarska is a historian and television presenter, living in... more »

Anita Álvarez de Williams

Anita Álvarez de Williams is an American anthropologist, photographer and historian. Her work... more »

Anita Libman Lebeson

Anita Libman Lebeson was a Jewish historian. more »

Ann D. Gordon

Ann Dexter Gordon is a research professor in the department of history at Rutgers University and... more »

Ann Ellis Hanson

Ann Ellis Hanson is an American papyrologist and historian who holds the position of senior... more »

Ann M. Blair

Ann M. Blair is an American historian, and Henry Charles Lea Professor of History at Harvard... more »

Ann Nolan Clark

Ann Nolan Clark, born Anna Marie Nolan was an American writer who won the 1953 Newbery Medal. more »

Anna Geifman

Anna Geifman is an American historian. She is a student of political extremism, terrorism and... more »

Anna J. Cooper

Anna Julia Haywood Cooper was an American author, educator, speaker and one of the most... more »

Anna M. Cienciala

Anna Maria Cienciala is a Polish-American historian and author. She specializes in modern Polish... more »

Anne Applebaum

Anne Elizabeth Applebaum is an American Jewish journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author who... more »

Anne d'Harnoncourt

Anne d'Harnoncourt was an American curator, museum director, and art historian specializing in... more »

Anne Hollingsworth Wharton

Anne Hollingsworth Wharton was an American writer and historian. Born at Southampton Furnace,... more »

Anne King Gregorie

Anne King Gregorie was a South Carolina historian, and professor of history at Arkansas College... more »

Annette Gordon-Reed

Annette Gordon-Reed is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer. more »

Anson D. Morse

Anson Daniel Morse was an educator and historian who was for many years a professor at Amherst... more »

Anson Rabinbach

Anson Rabinbach is a 1988 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Anthony Cave Brown

Anthony Cave Brown was an English-American journalist, espionage non-fiction writer and historian. more »

Anthony Grafton

Anthony Grafton is one of the foremost historians of early modern Europe and the current Henry... more »

Anthony J. Bryant

Anthony J. Bryant is an American author and editor. more »

Antoine de Léris

Antoine de Léris, 28 February 1723 — 1795 was a French journalist and drama critic of the 18th... more »

Antoinette Burton

Antoinette M. Burton is an American historian, and Professor of History and Bastian Professor of... more »

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