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Alex Massie

Alex Massie is a Scottish freelance journalist and libertarian commentator based in Edinburgh. more »

Alex Mihai Stoenescu

Alex Mihai Stoenescu is a Romanian historian, writer, journalist and politician. more »

Alex Mitchell

Ruth Alex Mitchell was a British journalist who was the "editor and driving force behind the... more »

Alex Pierson

Alex Pierson is a Canadian news anchor. She co-hosts AM Agenda on the Toronto-based Sun News... more »

Alex Prud'homme

Alex Prud’homme is an American journalist and the author of several non-fiction books. more »

Alex Pulaski

Alex Pulaski is a journalist. more »

Alex Raksin

Alex Raksin is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer, editor and journalist. more »

Alex Richards

Alex Richards is an American journalist, who with Marshall Allen, won the 2011 Goldsmith Prize... more »

Alex Ross

Alex Ross is an American music critic. He has been on the staff of The New Yorker magazine since... more »

Alex Rossi

Alex Rossi is Asia Correspondent of Sky News, the 24 hour television news service operated by... more »

Alex Santos

Alexander Santos also known him as Alex Santos is a Filipino field reporter, newscaster and... more »

Alex Schulman

Carl Magnus Alexander "Alex" Schulman is a journalist, blogger and television and radio personality. more »

Alex Shoumatoff

Alexander "Alex" Shoumatoff is an American writer known for his literary journalism, nature and... more »

Alex Stone

Alex Stone is a Los Angeles-based national correspondent for ABC News Radio. Since joining ABC... more »

Alex Thomson

Alexander James "Alex" Thomson is a British television journalist and newscaster. more »

Alex Tizon

Alex Tizon is an American author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. His book Big Little Man,... more »

Alex Wagner

Alexandra Swe "Alex" Wagner is an American television host and liberal political commentator... more »

Alex Webb

Alex Webb is a British songwriter and musician and former journalist. Educated at Manchester... more »

Alex Witt

Alex Witt is an American news anchor who currently hosts the television news program Weekends... more »

Alexander Ablesimov

Aleksander Onisimovich Ablesimov was a Russian opera librettist, poet, dramatist, satirist and... more »

Alexander Afanasyev

Alexander Nikolayevich Afanasyev was a Russian Slavist who published nearly 600 Russian... more »

Alexander B. Hawes Jr.

Alexander B. Hawes Jr. is a journalist. more »

Alexander Begg

Alexander Begg was a Scottish-Canadian teacher, civil servant and journalist. He came to... more »

Alexander Begg

Alexander Begg was Canadian journalist and businessman. His books covered historical events in... more »

Alexander Berkman

Alexander Berkman was an anarchist known for his political activism and writing. He was a... more »

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