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Alaric Alexander Watts

Alaric Alexander Watts, British poet and journalist, born in London. His life was dedicated to... more »

Alaric Jacob

Harold Alaric Jacob was an English writer and journalist. He was Reuters correspondent in... more »

Alasdair Fotheringham

Alasdair Fotheringham is a British foreign affairs and sports journalist, specializing in cycle... more »

Alasdair Hutton

Alasdair Henry Hutton OBE, TD is a writer and narrator for public events and concerts, including... more »

Alasdair Morrison

Alasdair Morrison is a Scottish Labour Party politician. He was born on 18 November 1968 in... more »

Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Charles Borthwick OBE was a Scottish author and broadcaster whose books recorded the... more »

Alastair Burnet

Sir James William Alexander Burnet, known as Sir Alastair Burnet, was a British journalist and... more »

Alastair Campbell

Alastair John Campbell is a British journalist, broadcaster, political aide and author, best... more »

Alastair Hetherington

Hector Alastair Hetherington was a British journalist, newspaper editor and academic. For nearly... more »

Alastair Leithead

Alastair Leithead is a British journalist working as a foreign correspondent for the BBC... more »

Alastair Stewart

Alastair James Stewart OBE is an English journalist and newscaster, currently employed by ITN... more »

Alastair Yates

Alastair Yates is a freelance British journalist and communications & public relations... more »

Alba Bouwer

Albertha Magdalena Bouwer was a South African Afrikaans-writing journalist and author. She is... more »

Albany Fonblanque

Albany William Fonblanque was a celebrated English journalist and by his own example a reformer... more »

Albert Balink

Albert Henrica Everardus Catherina Balink was a Dutch-Indonesian journalist and filmmaker who... more »

Albert Brisbane

Albert Brisbane was an American utopian socialist and is remembered as the chief popularizer of... more »

Albert Camus

Albert Camus was a French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher. His views... more »

Albert D. Richardson

Albert Deane Richardson was a well-known American journalist, Union spy, and author. more »

Albert E Winship

Albert Edward Winship was a pioneering American educator and educational journalist, born at... more »

Albert E. Kahn

Albert Eugene Kahn was an American journalist, photographer, author and nephew of modernist... more »

Albert Harkness

Albert Harkness was an American classical scholar and educator. He was professor of Greek at... more »

Albert Henry Ross

Albert Henry Ross, was an English advertising agent and freelance writer. more »

Albert Innaurato

Albert Innaurato is an American playwright, theatre director, and writer. Innaurato was born in... more »

Albert J. Neri

Albert J. "Al" Neri was a Pennsylvania political news correspondent, pundit, and political... more »

Albert Jay Nock

Albert Jay Nock was an influential American libertarian author, educational theorist, and social... more »

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