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Agata Tuszyńska

Agata Tuszynska is a Polish writer, poet and journalist. more »

Agaton Giller

Agaton Giller was a Polish historian, journalist and politician. He and his brother Stefan... more »

Ageeth Scherphuis

Ageeth Scherphuis was a Dutch journalist and broadcaster. Scherphuis was born in Zaandam. She... more »

Agha Shorish Kashmiri

Agha Shorish Kashmiri was a scholar, writer, debater, and leader of the Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam... more »

Agnès Béraud

Agnès Béraud is a journalist. more »

Agnes Ernst Meyer

Agnes Elizabeth Meyer was the mother of Florence Meyer. more »

Agnes Macphail

Agnes Campbell Macphail was the first woman to be elected to the Canadian House of Commons, and... more »

Agnes Miegel

Agnes Miegel was a German author, journalist, and poet. She is best known for her poems and... more »

Agnes Smedley

Agnes Smedley was an American journalist and writer. Well known for her semi-autobiographical... more »

Agneta Bolme Börjefors

Agneta Bolme Börjefors was a Swedish television presenter, television producer and royal... more »

Agneta Pleijel

Agneta Pleijel is a Swedish novelist, poet, playwright, journalist and literary critic. Among... more »

Agnieszka Chylińska

Agnieszka Chylińska is a Polish rock singer and columnist. From 1994 to 2003, Chylińska was the... more »

Agnieszka Osiecka

Agnieszka Osiecka was a poet, writer, author of theatre and television screenplays, film... more »

Agus Salim

Haji Agus Salim was one of Indonesia's founding fathers and prominent diplomats. He played a... more »

Ah Jook Ku

Ah Jook Ku was an American journalist, writer, media advocate and public relations practitioner... more »


Ahfaz-ur-Rahman, is a Pakistani journalist, writer and poet. He has always struggled for the... more »

Ahirudin Attan

Datuk Ahirudin bin Attan, also known as Rocky Bru, is a Malaysian blogger, journalist and former... more »

Ahmad Al-Khamisi

Ahmad Abdel Rahman Al-Khamisi, is an Egyptian writer and journalist. more »

Ahmad Ali El Zein

Ahmad Ali El Zein, is an Arabic novelist and journalist from Lebanon. Currently Editor, Producer... more »

Ahmad Bashir

Ahmad Bashir was a writer, journalist, intellectual and film director from Pakistan. He was the... more »

Ahmad Bourghani

Ahmad Bourghani Farahani was an influential Iranian reformist politician, notable journalist,... more »

Ahmad Faris Shidyaq

Ahmad Faris Shidyaq was an Ottoman scholar, writer and journalist. Maronite by birth, he... more »

Ahmad Ghazi

Ahmad Ghazi is a famous Kurdish writer and translator. He was born in 1936 in Mahabad. He... more »

Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi born Ahmad Shah Awan on 20 November 1916 – died 10 July 2006, was an Urdu and... more »

Ahmad Salim

Ahmad Salim or Muhammad Salim Khawaja is a writer, archivist and co-founder of the South Asian... more »

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