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Ahmad Shamlou

Ahmad Shamloo was a Persian poet, writer, and journalist. Shamlou was arguably the most... more »

Ahmad Shawkat

Ahmad Shawkat was an Iraqi journalist shot to death outside his media office in Mosul, on 28... more »

Ahmad Zeidabadi

Ahmad Zeidabadi is an Iranian journalist, academic, writer and political analyst and the... more »

Ahmadun Yosi Herfanda

Ahmadun Yosi Herfanda, is an Indonesian journalist and poet. His name is also written as Ahmadun... more »

Ahmed Abdel Fattah

Ahmed Abdel Fattah is a screenwriter. more »

Ahmed Aboutaleb

Ahmed Aboutaleb is a Dutch politician of the Labour Party. He has been the Mayor of Rotterdam... more »

Ahmed Benchemsi

Ahmed Benchemsi is a Moroccan journalist. He is the founder and was the publisher and editor of... more »

Ahmed Ghulamali Chagla

Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla was a Pakistani musical composer who famously wrote the musical... more »

Ahmed Huber

Ahmed Huber was a Swiss German journalist, and a convert to Islam, who was active in both... more »

Ahmed Omaid Khpalwak

Ahmad Omaid Khpalwak, also spelled as Ahmed Omed Khpulwak, was an Afghan journalist who worked... more »

Ahmed Ragab

Ahmed Ragab appeared in the Reporting ... A Revolution documentary film. more »

Ahmed Rashid

Ahmed Rashid is a former Muhajir-Pakistani militant, a journalist and best-selling foreign... more »

Ahmed Sheikh

Ahmed Sheikh is a Palestinian journalist and the current editor-in-chief of the Qatar-based... more »

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is a Kuwaiti-American of Palestinian descent. He is a journalist and... more »

Ahmed Toughan

Ahmed S. Toughan is a renowned Egyptian cartoonist and artist. more »

Ahmet Ağaoğlu

Ahmet Ağaoğlu, also known as Ahmed bey Agayev was a prominent Azerbaijani and Turkish publicist... more »

Ahmet Almaz

Ahmet Almaz is a Turkish journalist, translator, and non-fiction writer. Almaz was born in... more »

Ahmet Altan

Ahmet Hüsrev Altan is a Turkish journalist and author. A working journalist for more than twenty... more »

Ahmet Çakar

Ahmet Çakar is a famous Turkish sportscaster and a former football referee. more »

Ahmet Hakan Coşkun

Ahmet Hakan Coşkun is a Turkish columnist, currently working at Hürriyet and CNN TURK. He used... more »

Ahmet Şık

Ahmet Şık is a Turkish investigative journalist, author of several books, and a trade unionist... more »

Ahmet Taner Kışlalı

Ahmet Taner Kışlalı was a Turkish intellectual, political scientist, lawyer, commentator/author... more »

Ahmet Vardar

Ahmet Vardar was a notable Turkish journalist and television presenter. more »

Ahmir-Khalib Thompson

Ahmir Khalib Thompson, known professionally as ?uestlove or Questlove, is an American drummer,... more »

Ahn Chol

Ahn Chol is a pseudonymous freelance journalist who shot the footage for the film Children of... more »

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