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Alexandre Astruc

Alexandre Astruc is a French film critic and film director born 13 July 1923, in Paris. Before... more »

Alexandre del Valle

Alexandre del Valle is a French writer, journalist, and political commentator. He is known... more »

Alexandre Rousselin de Saint-Albin

Alexander Charles Omer Rousselin de Corbeau, comte de Saint Albin was a French politician. Born... more »

Alexandre Trudeau

Alexandre "Sacha" Trudeau is a Canadian filmmaker and journalist, and second son of Canada's... more »

Alexandru Candiano-Popescu

Alexandru Candiano-Popescu was a Romanian army general, lawyer, journalist, and poet, best known... more »

Alexandru Dincă

Alexandru Dincă was a Romanian journalist, opponent of the communist regime. more »

Alexandru Macedonski

Alexandru Macedonski was a Wallachian-born Romanian poet, novelist, dramatist and literary... more »

Alexandru Sahia

Alexandru Sahia was a Romanian communist journalist and short story author. more »

Alexandru Toma

Alexandru Toma was a Romanian poet, journalist and translator, known for his communist views and... more »

Alexenia Dimitrova

Alexenia Dimitrova is a Bulgarian journalist and author with more than 21 years of experience... more »

Alexey Pivovarov

Alexey Pivovarov is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Alexis Bowater

Alexis Bowater is a former British television journalist and presenter. more »

Alexis Christoforous

Alexis Christoforous is a New York-based correspondent for CBS News specializing in business and... more »

Alexis Glick

Alexis Glick is an American television personality who was an anchor of Money for Breakfast and... more »

Alexis Petridis

Alexis Petridis is an English journalist, head rock and pop critic for UK newspaper The... more »

Alexis Sinduhije

Alexis Sinduhije is a Burundian journalist and politician. After founding Radio Publique... more »

Alf Brown

Alf Brown was a leading Australian rules football writer covering the Victorian Football League... more »

Alfito Deannova

Alfito Deannova is a newscaster and journalist. more »

Alfonso Gumucio Dagron

Alfonso Gumucio Dagron is a writer, filmmaker, journalist, photographer and development... more »

Alfonso López Michelsen

Alfonso López Michelsen was the 24th President of Colombia from 1974 to 1978. more »

Alfonso López Pumarejo

Alfonso López Pumarejo was a two-time Colombian president and political figure, as a member of... more »

Alfred A. Cohn

Alfred A. Cohn was an author, journalist and newspaper editor, Police Commissioner, and... more »

Alfred Ames

Alfred Ames is a journalist and a writer. more »

Alfred Amory George

Alfred Amory George was a New Zealand journalist, newspaper proprietor and editor, printer. He... more »

Alfred Arthur Greenwood Hales

Alfred Arthur Greenwood Hales was an Australian novelist and war correspondent. Hales was born... more »

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