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Carlos Gaviria Díaz

Carlos Emilio Gaviria Díaz is a Colombian lawyer, professor and politician. He served as the 5th... more »

Carlos Holguín Mallarino

Carlos Holguín Mallarino was a Colombian lawyer, journalist and politician who became President... more »

Carlos Holguín Sardi

Carlos Holguín Sardi was the 64th and 54th Governor of Valle del Cauca. A Conservative party... more »

Carlos Humberto Perette

Carlos Humberto Perette was an Argentine Radical Civic Union politician and lawyer. He was a... more »

Carlos Lacerda

Carlos Frederico Werneck de Lacerda was a Brazilian journalist and politician. Born in Rio de... more »

Carlos Larraín

Carlos Larraín is the President of National Renewal. more »

Carlos Lemos Simmonds

Carlos Apolinar Lemos Simmonds was the 6th Vice President of Colombia. more »

Carlos Luis de Funès de Galarza

Carlos Luis de Funès de Galarza was a lawyer and the father of popular French actor Louis de Funès. more »

Carlos María Abascal Carranza

Carlos María Abascal Carranza was a Mexican lawyer and the Secretary of the Interior in the... more »

Carlos Márquez Sterling

Dr. Carlos Márquez Sterling y Guiral was a Cuban lawyer, writer, politician and diplomat. Dr... more »

Carlos Mendoza Davis

Carlos "El Picore" Mendoza Davis, is a Mexican public official. A lawyer by profession, he has... more »

Carlos Moorhead

Carlos John Moorhead was a United States Congressman from California. Born in Long Beach, he... more »

Carlos P. Garcia

Carlos Polístico García, commonly known as Carlos P. García, was a Filipino teacher, poet,... more »

Carlos Pellegrini

Carlos Enrique José Pellegrini was Vice President of Argentina and became President of Argentina... more »

Carlos Quijano

Carlos Quijano was a Uruguayan lawyer, politician, essayist and journalist. He is especially... more »

Carlos R. Moreno

Carlos Roberto Moreno is a Mexican-American jurist who has been confirmed to be United States... more »

Carlos Romero Barceló

Carlos Antonio Romero Barceló is a Puerto Rican politician who served as the fifth Governor of... more »

Carlos Ruckauf

Carlos Federico Ruckauf is a Peronist politician in Argentina, member of the Justicialist Party... more »

Carlos Saladrigas Zayas

Carlos Saladrigas Zayas was a Cuban politician and diplomat. He was an abogado-notario who... more »

Carlos Spaht

Carlos Gustave Spaht, I, was a Louisiana judge best remembered for having lost the Democratic... more »

Carlos Uresti

Carlos "Charlie" Uresti is a Texas attorney and Democratic politician from San Antonio. He is a... more »

Carlos Villagra Marsal

Carlos Villagra Marsal is a poet, narrator and writer. more »

Carlos Watson

Carlos Watson is a journalist, businessman, and television host. He was also a contributor on MSNBC. more »

Carlton Brandaga Curtis

Carlton Brandaga Curtis was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania. more »

Carlton Mobley

William Carlton Mobley was a noted jurist and politician from the American state of... more »

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