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Carroll Bond

Carroll T. Bond was an American jurist who served as chief judge of the supreme court of the... more »

Carroll C. Hincks

Carroll Clark Hincks was a federal judge in the United States. Hincks was born in Andover,... more »

Carroll Hubbard

Carroll Hubbard, Jr., a Democrat, represented Kentucky in the United States House of... more »

Carroll L. Beedy

Carroll L. Beedy was a U.S. Representative from Maine from 1921-1935. He was born in Phillips,... more »

Carte Goodwin

Carte Patrick Goodwin is an American attorney who briefly served as a United States Senator from... more »

Cary Lubetsky

Cary Lubetsky is an attorney. more »

Caryl Hart

Caryl Hart is a lawyer and environmental activist. more »

Caspar Weinberger

Caspar Willard "Cap" Weinberger, GBE, was an American politician and businessman. As a prominent... more »

Cassius Marcellus Clay

Cassius Marcellus Clay, nicknamed "The Lion of White Hall", was an emancipationist from Madison... more »

Cassius McDonald Barnes

Cassius McDonald Barnes was a soldier in the Union army in the American Civil War, and a lawyer... more »

Catharine MacKinnon

Catharine Alice MacKinnon is an American feminist, scholar, lawyer, teacher and activist. more »

Catherine Cortez Masto

Catherine Marie Cortez Masto is an American attorney and politician. She is the current Attorney... more »

Catherine Crier

Catherine Jean Crier is an American journalist and author of A Deadly Game and The Case Against... more »

Catherine Fraser

The Hon. Catherine Anne Fraser was appointed as Chief Justice of Alberta and Chief Justice of... more »

Catherine Hanaway

Catherine L. Hanaway is an American attorney and Republican candidate for Missouri Governor who... more »

Catherine Morissette

Catherine Morissette is a politician and lawyer from Quebec, Canada. She was an Action... more »

Catherine Powell

Catherine Powell is a lawyer and businessperson. more »

Catherine Roraback

Catherine Gertrude Roraback was a civil rights attorney in Connecticut, best known for... more »

Catherine Waugh McCulloch

Catherine Gouger Waugh McCulloch was an American lawyer and noted suffragist. She was a pioneer... more »

Cathy Holahan Murphy

Cathy Holahan Murphy, wife of politician Chris Murphy, is a lawyer. more »

Cavinder Bull

Cavinder Bull, SC, is a lawyer and director of the Singapore law firm Drew & Napier. Bull... more »

Cecil Barnes

Cecil Barnes is a lawyer. more »

Cecil Morgan

Cecil Morgan, Sr. was a leader of the legislative forces that in 1929 attempted to impeach... more »

Cecilia Medina

Cecilia Medina Quiroga is a Chilean jurist. more »

Cecilia Muñoz-Palma

Cecilia Muñoz-Palma was a Filipino jurist and the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court of... more »

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