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John Warner

John Warner is an American attorney and judge who was one of the five Associate Justices on the... more »

John Warner

John William Warner is an American Republican politician who served as Secretary of the Navy... more »

John Warren Davis

John Warren Davis was a New Jersey politician and federal judge. more »

John Watson

John Watson was a lawyer, Notary Public and the first Commonwealth Register at the Court of... more »

John Watson Barr

John Watson Barr was a United States federal judge in Kentucky. more »

John Weingust

John Weingust is a veteran lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a Queen's Counsel, and has... more »

John Weinland Killinger

John Weinland Killinger was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from... more »

John Weisenberger

John Weisenberger was the attorney general of Guam from 2010 to 2011. more »

John Wesley Emerson

John Wesley Emerson was an American lawyer, American Civil War commander, Missouri Circuit Court... more »

John Wesley Hardin

John Wesley Hardin was an American outlaw, gunfighter, and controversial folk icon of the Old... more »

John Weston

John D. Weston, MP is a Canadian politician, who was elected to represent the electoral district... more »

John White

John White was a prominent U.S. politician during the 1840s. White was a native of Kentucky and... more »

John Whitmire

John Harris Whitmire is the longest-serving of current members of the Texas State Senate... more »

John Wickham

John Wickham was an American Loyalist and attorney. He was one of the very few Loyalists to... more »

John Wildberg

John J. Wildberg was an American copyright attorney, who later became a theatre producer. He was... more »

John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson was a lawyer and first Postmaster of community known as Bogardus Corners,... more »

John William Brodie-Innes

John William Brodie-Innes was a leading member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn's... more »

John William Corrington

John William Corrington was an American film and television writer, novelist, poet and lawyer... more »

John William Davis

John William Davis was an American politician and lawyer. more »

John William McCormack

John William McCormack was an American politician from Boston, Massachusetts. McCormack served... more »

John Williams Walker

John Williams Walker was an American politician, who served as the Democratic-Republican United... more »

John Willock Noble

John Willock Noble was a U.S. lawyer and brevet general in the Civil War. He served as the... more »

John Willoughby Crawford

John Willoughby Crawford QC served as the third Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Canada from 1873... more »

John Wilson Farrelly

John Wilson Farrelly was a Whig member of the U.S. House of Representatives from... more »

John Winans

John Winans was an American lawyer from Janesville, Wisconsin who served as a member of the... more »

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