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Jorge Batlle Ibáñez

Jorge Luis Batlle Ibáñez is a politician and lawyer from Uruguay, a member of the Colorado... more »

Jorge Carpizo McGregor

Jorge Carpizo McGregor was a Mexican jurist who occupied various high rank positions in the... more »

Jorge Castañeda y Álvarez de la Rosa

Jorge Castañeda y Álvarez de la Rosa was a Mexican diplomat. He served as Secretary of Foreign... more »

Jorge de Cabedo

Jorge de Cabedo was a Portuguese jurist. Cabedo studied law at Coimbra and then came to hold the... more »

Jorge de Villalonga

Jorge de Villalonga, segundo conde de la Cueva was a Spanish lawyer, general and the first... more »

Jorge E. Pérez-Díaz

Jorge E. Pérez-Díaz served as Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico from 1991 to... more »

Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Ayala

Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Ayala was a politician, a leader of a populist movement in Colombia, a... more »

Jorge Guilhermo Borges

Jorge Guilhermo Borges was a writer, lawyer, philosopher and teacher. more »

Jorge Kahwagi

Jorge Antonio Kahwagi Macari is a fake Mexican boxer, lawyer, businessman, politician and show... more »

Jorge Larrañaga

Jorge Washington Larrañaga Fraga is a Uruguayan politician. He is a senator and was Intendant of... more »

Jorge Luis Mancillas Ramírez

Jorge Luis Mancillas Ramírez is a Mexican jurist who has been a minister of the Superior Court... more »

Jorge Noguera Cotes

Jorge Aurelio Noguera Cotes is a Colombian lawyer and former Director of the Administrative... more »

Jorge Orrico

Jorge Omar Orrico Miraldi is a Uruguayan deputy, actor and lawyer. more »

Jorge Rangel

Jorge C. Rangel is a Texas lawyer and a former federal judicial nominee to the U.S. Court of... more »

Jorge Rivera

Jorge Rivera is an American lawyer and television personality who lives in Miami, Florida. He is... more »

Jorge Sampaio

Jorge Fernando Branco de Sampaio, GColTE, GCIH, GColL is a Portuguese lawyer and politician who... more »

Jorge Sapag

Jorge Augusto Sapag is an Argentine politician and lawyer, a member of the Neuquino People's... more »

Jorge Veytia

Jorge Isaac Veytia is a Mexican actor and lawyer. He is now a specialist on Ancient Egyptian Law... more »

Jorge Volpi

Jorge Luis Volpi Escalante is a Mexican author best known for his 1999 novel En busca de Klingsor. more »

José Abad Santos

José Abad Santos y Basco was the fifth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. He... more »

José Alberto dos Reis

José Alberto dos Reis was a Portuguese jurist and the leading Portuguese authority on legal... more »

José Antonio Cabrera

José Antonio Cabrera y Cabrera was an Argentine statesman and lawyer. He was a representative to... more »

José Antonio Primo de Rivera

Don José Antonio Primo de Rivera y Sáenz de Heredia, 1st Duke of Primo de Rivera, 3rd Marquis of... more »

José Ayala Lasso

José Ayala Lasso is a retired Ecuadorian lawyer and diplomat, currently residing in Quito. He... more »

Jose Baez

Jose Angel Baez is an American lawyer and New York Times best selling author. He is best known... more »

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