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José María Castro Madriz

José María Castro Madriz was a Costa Rican lawyer, academic, diplomat, and politician. He served... more »

José María del Castillo y Rada

José María del Castillo y Rada was a neo-granadine politician, President of the United Provinces... more »

José María García de Toledo

José María García de Toledo y de Madariaga was a Neogranadine lawyer and politician, who fought... more »

José María Guido

José María Guido was an interim President of Argentina from 30 March 1962 to 12 October... more »

José Maria Marin

José Maria Marin is a Brazilian politician and sports administrator who is the President of the... more »

José María Pino Suárez

José María Pino Suárez was a Mexican statesman, jurist, poet, journalist and revolutionary who... more »

José María Rico

José María Rico Cueto is the husband of Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla. Born in Loja,... more »

José María Rojas Garrido

José María Rojas Garrido was a Colombian Senator, and statesmen, who as the first Presidential... more »

José María Ruda

José María Ruda was an Argentine jurist. Between 1964 and 1972 he held a seat on the United... more »

José María Samper

José María Balbino Venancio Samper Agudelo was a Colombian lawyer, politician, and writer. In... more »

José Mariano Serrano

José Mariano Serrano was a Bolivian-born statesman and jurist. He was a representative to the... more »

Jose Miguel Arroyo

José Miguel "Mike" Tuason Arroyo is a former First Gentleman of the Philippines. A lawyer by... more »

José Mindlin

José Ephim Mindlin was a Brazilian lawyer, businessperson and bibliophile, born to Russian... more »

José Murat Casab

José Murat Casab is a Mexican politician and a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party... more »

José Name Terán

José Antonio Name Terán was a lawyer and former Senator of Colombia. Considered a Liberal... more »

José Natividad González Parás

José Natividad González Parás is a Mexican politician affiliated to the Institutional... more »

Jose Nolledo

Jose N. Nolledo is a renowned lawyer, constitutional law expert, and author in the Philippines... more »

José Nuzzi Neto

José Nuzzi Neto is a lawyer and the father of Mariana Ximenes. more »

José P. Laurel

José Paciano Laurel y García, PLH was the president of the Second Philippine Republic, a... more »

José Paranhos, Baron of Rio Branco

José Maria da Silva Paranhos, Jr., Baron of Rio Branco was a Brazilian diplomat, geographer,... more »

José Pardo y Barreda

José Simón Pardo y Barreda was a Peruvian politician who twice occupied the Presidency of Peru,... more »

José R. Rodríguez

José R. Rodríguez is a Democratic member of the Texas State Senate from District 29 in El Paso,... more »

José Rafael Revenga

José Rafael Revenga y Hernández was a minister of foreign affairs of Gran Colombia. He... more »

José Ramos-Horta

José Manuel Ramos-Horta GCL AC is the United Nations' special Representative and Head of the... more »

José Reyes Baeza Terrazas

José Reyes Baeza Terrazas is a Mexican politician and lawyer. In 2004, he was elected Governor... more »

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