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Samuel Dickinson Hubbard

Samuel Dickinson Hubbard was born in Middletown, Connecticut. He pursued classical studies at... more »

Samuel Dickstein

Samuel Dickstein was a Democratic Congressional Representative from New York and a New York... more »

Samuel E. Pingree

Samuel Everett Pingree was a lawyer, a U.S. politician of the Republican Party, and an American... more »

Samuel Edwards

Samuel "Faith" Edwards was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from... more »

Samuel Eells

Samuel Eells was a 19th-Century American philosopher, essayist and orator who founded the Alpha... more »

Samuel F. Phillips

Samuel Field Phillips was a civil rights pioneer, lawyer, politician, and U.S. Solicitor... more »

Samuel F. Swope

Samuel Franklin Swope was a 19th-century politician and lawyer from Kentucky. Born in Bourbon... more »

Samuel Factor

Samuel "Sam" Factor, KC was a Canadian politician, lawyer and jurist and the first Jewish Member... more »

Samuel Farrow

Samuel Farrow was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina. Born in Virginia in 1759, Farrow... more »

Samuel Fenton Cary

Samuel Fenton Cary was a congressman and significant temperance movement leader in the 19th... more »

Samuel Finley Vinton

Samuel Finley Vinton was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Ohio from... more »

Samuel Fowler

Samuel Fowler was an American Democratic Party politician who represented New Jersey's 4th... more »

Samuel G. Arnold

Samuel Greene Arnold, Jr. was a United States Senator from Rhode Island. Born in Providence,... more »

Samuel H. Kaufman

Samuel Hamilton Kaufman was a federal judge in New York City. Kaufman graduated from the New... more »

Samuel H. Shapiro

Samuel Harvey Shapiro was the 34th Governor of Illinois, serving from 1968 to 1969. He was a... more »

Samuel Harrison

Samuel Bealey Harrison was Joint Premier of the Province of Canada for Canada East from 1841 to... more »

Samuel Henry Miller

Samuel Henry Miller was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from... more »

Samuel Hopkins

Samuel Hopkins was a U.S. Representative from Kentucky. Born in Albemarle County, Virginia,... more »

Samuel Ingham

Samuel Ingham was a two-term Congressman from Connecticut. He is not to be confused with the... more »

Samuel Iperusz. Wiselius

Samuel Iperusz, Knight Wiselius was a successful Dutch lawyer and a prominent Patriot and... more »

Samuel Irving Rosenman

Samuel Irving Rosenman was a U.S. lawyer, judge, Democratic political figure, and presidential... more »

Samuel J. Gholson

Samuel Jameson Gholson was a U.S. Representative from Mississippi, as well as a Confederate... more »

Samuel J. Kirkwood

Samuel Jordan Kirkwood, was an American politician best known as Iowa's American Civil War... more »

Samuel J. Montgomery

Samuel James Montgomery was an American politician and a U.S. Representative from Oklahoma. more »

Samuel J. Tilden

Samuel Jones Tilden was the 25th Governor of New York and the Democratic candidate for the U.S... more »

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