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Santiago Durango

Santiago Durango is an American guitarist remembered for his work with the 1980s punk rock... more »

Santiago Oñate Laborde

Santiago Oñate Laborde is a Mexican lawyer and politician affiliated to the Institutional... more »

Santiago Pérez de Manosalbas

Santiago Pérez de Manosalbas was a Colombian educator, lawyer, diplomat, writer, journalist and... more »

Santiago Quiñones Elías

Santiago Quiñones Elías is a lawyer and the father of Noel Quiñones. more »

Santosh Dutta

Santosh Dutta was a Bengali actor, best known for immortalizing the character of Jatayu in... more »

Sanya Dharmasakti

Sanya Dharmasakti was a Thai jurist, university professor and politician. He served as the 12th... more »

Sara Diamond

Sara Rose Diamond is an American sociologist and attorney, and the author of four books that... more »

Sara Diamond

Sara Louise Diamond, OOnt is the current president of OCAD University, Canada. Diamond was born... more »

Sara Horowitz

Sara Horowitz is the founder of Working Today and Freelancers Union, leading organizations of... more »

Sara Hossain

Sara Hossain is a lawyer. more »

Sarah Aldridge

Sarah Aldridge was the pen name of Anyda Marchant, who was a founding partner for Naiad Press... more »

Sarah Buel

Sarah M. Buel is an American lawyer and anti-domestic violence activist. In 1994 she was... more »

Sarah Cooksey

Sarah Cooksey is the wife of Andrew Speaker, who was detained as a tuberculosis risk in 2007. more »

Sarah Deutsch

Sarah Deutsch is an American attorney who currently serves as vice president and associate... more »

Sarah Herring Sorin

Sarah Herring Sorin was Arizona's first woman attorney and the first woman to try a case in... more »

Sarah Hopkins

Sarah Hopkins is an Australian criminal lawyer and novelist married to celebrity chef Matt... more »

Sarah Kunstler

Sarah Kunstler is a documentary filmmaker and lawyer. more »

Sarah T. Hughes

Sarah Tilghman Hughes was an American lawyer and federal judge who swore in Lyndon B. Johnson as... more »

Sarah Weddington

Sarah Ragle Weddington, is an American attorney, law professor, and former Texas state... more »

Sarmite Bulte

Sarmite Drosma "Sam" Bulte, PC is a Latvian-Canadian lawyer, advocate and politician. A member... more »

Sarmiza Bilcescu

Sarmiza or Sarmisa Bilcescu was a Romanian lawyer, the first European woman ever to obtain a... more »

Sarodj Bertin

Sarodj Bertin Durocher is a Haitian lawyer, best known as a beauty pageant contestant. more »

Sarra Kemp

Sarra Kemp is married to Chris Hoy. more »

Sarto Fournier

Sarto Fournier was a Canadian politician. He served as mayor of Montreal from 1957 to 1960. more »

Satish Mishra

Satish Chandra Misra was the cabinet minister in Mayavati ministry in Uttar Pradesh, India, and... more »

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