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William E. Walsh

William E. Walsh was an American lawyer and Republican politician from Coos County in the U.S... more »

William Eckart Lehman

William Eckart Lehman was a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from... more »

William Edward Colby

William Edward Colby was an American lawyer, conservationist, and first Secretary of the Sierra... more »

William Edwards

William Henry Edwards, also known as "Will Edwards", was a British Labour politician. Edwards... more »

William Edwin Minshall, Jr.

William Edwin Minshall, Jr. was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from... more »

William Elliott

William Elliott was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina. more »

William Elphinstone

William Elphinstone was a Scottish statesman, Bishop of Aberdeen and founder of the University... more »

William Enyart

William L. Enyart, Jr. is the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 12th congressional district... more »

William Ephraim Smith

William Ephraim Smith was a planter, lawyer, and politician from Georgia. more »

William Evans Arthur

William Evans Arthur was a U.S. Representative from Kentucky. more »

William Everett

William Everett was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, United States. He was the son of Charlotte... more »

William Ewin

William Ewin was an American artisan, lawyer, civil servant and State Senator. more »

William F. Colcock

William Ferguson Colcock was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina. Born in Beaufort, South... more »

William F. Gordon

William Fitzhugh Gordon was a nineteenth-century politician and lawyer from Virginia. Born at... more »

William F. Herrin

William F. Herrin was an American lawyer, businessman, banker and real estate developer. more »

William F. Norrell

William Frank Norrell was a U.S. Representative from Arkansas' former 6th congressional... more »

William F. Patry

William F. Patry is an American lawyer specializing in copyright law. He studied at the San... more »

William F. Quick

William F. Quick, Sr. was an American machinist and lawyer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who served... more »

William F. Weld

William Floyd Weld is an American Republican politician and the former Governor of... more »

William F. Yardley

William Francis Yardley was an American attorney, politician and civil rights advocate,... more »

William Fadjo Cravens

William Fadjo Cravens was an American politician and a United States Congressman. more »

William Farina

William Edward Farina is an American essayist and writer of popular non-fiction. more »

William Ferguson Slemons

William Ferguson Slemons was a U.S. Representative from Arkansas. more »

William Few

William Few, Jr. was an American politician and a farmer, and a businessman and a Founding... more »

William Firth

The Hon. William Firth was a Canadian lawyer, judge and political figure in Upper Canada. Son of... more »

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