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William Jackson

William Jackson was a figure in the American Revolution, most noteworthy as the secretary to the... more »

William James Connell

William James Connell was a Nebraska Republican politician. Born in Cowansville, Quebec, he... more »

William James Roche

William James Roche, PC was a Canadian politician and Conservative Member of Parliament for the... more »

William Jennings Bryan

William Jennings Bryan was a leading American politician from the 1890s until his death. He was... more »

William Jervis

William Monk Jervis was an English lawyer and cricketer who played for Oxford University,... more »

William John Hahn

William John Hahn was an American lawyer and politician from Minnesota. Hahn was born in Mifflin... more »

William Johnston Tupper

William Johnston Tupper, was a politician and office holder in Manitoba, Canada. He served as... more »

William Jolliffe

William Jolliffe the son of William Peter Jolliffe and Harriett Penny. He qualified as a... more »

William Joseph Deboe

William Joseph DeBoe was a U.S. Senator representing Kentucky from 1897 to 1903. Born in... more »

William K. Barlow

William K. "Bill" Barlow is an American politician in the Democratic Party and a lawyer. He was... more »

William K. Clowney

William Kennedy Clowney was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina. more »

William K. Sebastian

William King Sebastian was an American planter, lawyer, and U.S. senator from Helena, Arkansas... more »

William K. Suter

William Kent Suter is an American jurist who served as the 19th Clerk of the Supreme Court of... more »

William Kaplan

William Kaplan is a Canadian lawyer and writer. more »

William Kent

William Kent was a lawyer and an insurance broker. more »

William Killen

William M. Killen is a Democratic Idaho State Representative since 2006 representing District 17... more »

William Kueffner

William Charles Kueffner was an officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War who... more »

William Kunstler

William Moses Kunstler was an American self-described "radical lawyer" and civil rights... more »

William L. Dawson

William Levi Dawson was an African-American politician and lawyer who represented Chicago,... more »

William L. Dayton

William Lewis Dayton was an American politician, active first in the Whig Party and later in the... more »

William L. Frierson

William Little Frierson was an American lawyer, judge, and politician. During his career he... more »

William L. Goggin

William Leftwich Goggin was a nineteenth-century politician and lawyer from Virginia. more »

William L. Hart

William Lincoln Hart was a lawyer in the U.S. State of Ohio who served as a justice of the... more »

William L. Henderson

William L. Henderson was an American jurist who served as Chief Judge of the supreme court of... more »

William L. Marcy

William Learned Marcy was an American statesman, who served as U.S. Senator and the 11th... more »

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