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Duncan MacCorkindale

Duncan MacCorkindale is the brother of Simon MacCorkindale. more »

Duncan MacGregor

Duncan MacGregor was a Scottish rugby union player. He was capped three times for Scotland in... more »

Duncan Mackenzie

Duncan Mackenzie was a Scottish archaeologist, whose work focused on one of the more spectacular... more »

Duncan MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod is the son of Joanne Jordan. more »

Duncan McDougall

Duncan McDougall was a native of Scotland who first appears in history as a clerk with the North... more »

Duncan McLauchlan

Duncan McLauchlan is the son of Murray McLauchlan. more »

Duncan Mclean

Duncan Mclean is a restauranteur. more »

Duncan McNeil

Duncan McNeil is a Scottish Labour Party Member of the Scottish Parliament for Greenock and... more »

Duncan McRae

Duncan McRae was an Ontario businessman, farmer and political figure. He represented Victoria... more »

Duncan Ouseley

Sir Duncan Brian Walter Ouseley, styled The Hon. Mr Justice Ouseley, is a High Court judge in... more »

Duncan Patton

Duncan Patton is the son of Jody Patton. more »

Duncan Paul

Duncan Paul is the son of Rand Paul and Kelley Ashby. more »

Duncan Ray

Duncan Ray is the father of basketball player Spencer Barks. more »

Duncan Selby Hutcheon

Duncan Selby Hutcheon was a Canadian provincial politician. He was born in Alton, Ontario to... more »

Duncan Spencer

Duncan Spencer is the son of Alfre Woodard. more »

Duncan Stuart McLeod

Duncan Stuart McLeod was a politician in Manitoba, Canada. He served in the Legislative Assembly... more »

Duncan Waite

Duncan Waite is professor of education and community leadership at Texas State University. He is... more »

Duncan Wong

Duncan Wong is the son of Victor Wong. more »

Dúnchad Bec

Dúnchad Bec was king of Kintyre in the early 8th century. Dúnchad Bec is too late to have been... more »

Dúnchad mac Fiachnai

Dúnchad mac Fiachnai was King of Ulaid from the Dal Fiatach dynasty. He was the son of Fiachnae... more »

Dúngal mac Amalgado

Dúngal mac Amalgado was a King of Brega from the Uí Chonaing sept of Cnogba of the Síl nÁedo... more »

Dúngal mac Selbaig

Dúngal mac Selbaig was king of Dál Riata. His reign can best be placed in the years 723 to 726,... more »

Dungar Singh

Sri Raj Rajeshwar Maharajadhiraja Narendra Maharaja Shiromani Sri Dungar Singh Bahadur was a... more »

Dunghal mac Flaithniadh

Dunghal mac Flaithniadh, King of Umaill, died 776. Dunghal's relationship to the previous king,... more »

Dunghalach mac Taithleach

Dunghalach mac Taithleach, King of Luighne Connacht, died 766 or 771 The kingdom of Luighne... more »

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