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Gaius Atilius Regulus Serranus

Gaius Atilius Regulus Serranus was a Roman Republican consul who twice held the consulship in... more »

Gaius Atinius Labeo

Gaius Atinius Labeo was tribune of the plebs in 196 BC, and carried a bill authorizing five... more »

Gaius Avidius Heliodorus

Gaius Avidius Heliodorus was a Roman politician and a noted orator. He was of Greek origin and... more »

Gaius Avidius Nigrinus

Gaius Avidius Nigrinus was a Roman who lived between the 1st and 2nd centuries. Nigrinus’... more »

Gaius Betitius Pius

Gaius Betitius Pius was a Patronus of Canusium in 223. He was the son of Gaius Betitius... more »

Gaius Calpurnius Piso Frugi

Gaius Calpurnius Piso Frugi was the first husband of Tullia Ciceronis. more »

Gaius Calvisius Sabinus

Gaius Calvisius Sabinus was a consul of the Roman Republic in 39 BC under the Second... more »

Gaius Claudius Centho

Gaius Claudius Centho was a 3rd-century BC member of a prominent and wealthy patrician Roman... more »

Gaius Claudius Severus

Gaius Claudius Severus was a Roman senator who lived in the second half of the 1st century and... more »

Gaius Cluilius

Gaius Cluilius was the king of Alba Longa during the reign of the Roman king Tullus Hostilius in... more »

Gaius Crastinus

Gaius Crastinus was a soldier in Julius Caesar's 10th legion during his Gallic Wars. He had... more »

Gaius Fabius Hadrianus

Gaius Fabius Hadrianus was praetor in 84 BC and propraetor 83–82 in the Roman province of... more »

Gaius Fabius Pictor

Gaius Fabius Pictor made some of the earliest Roman paintings that have survived. At least some... more »

Gaius Fabricius Luscinus

Gaius Fabricius Luscinus Monocularis, son of Gaius, was said to have been the first of the... more »

Gaius Flaminius

Gaius Flaminius was Roman consul for 187 BC, together with Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. Flaminius... more »

Gaius Fulcinius

Gaius Fulcinius was a Roman emissary dispatched to the colony of Fidenae. His murder led to the... more »

Gaius Furnius

Gaius Furnius was tribune of the plebs in 50 BCE, and a friend and correspondent of... more »

Gaius Furnius

Gaius Furnius, son of Gaius Furnius, was first consul of the Roman Empire from 17 BCE-16 BCE. He... more »

Gaius Iulius Erucius Clarus Vibianus

Gaius Iulius Erucius Clarus Vibianus was a Roman Empire politician, consul and Roman... more »

Gaius Iulius Iullus

Gaius Iulius Iullus was a name used by Roman men of the Iullus branch of the gens Iulia, which... more »

Gaius Iunius Bubulcus Brutus

Gaius Iunius Bubulcus Brutus was a three-time consul of the Roman Republic, thrice appointed... more »

Gaius Julius Agrippa

Gaius Julius Agrippa was a Cilician Prince and the first-born son of King Gaius Julius Alexander... more »

Gaius Julius Alexander

Gaius Julius Alexander was a Herodian Prince that lived in the 1st century and 2nd century in... more »

Gaius Julius Alexander Berenicianus

Gaius Julius Alexander Berenicianus was a Cilician Prince and second-born son to King Gaius... more »

Gaius Julius Alexio

Gaius Julius Alexio also known as Alexio II was a Syrian Prince and Roman Client Priest King of... more »

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