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MA Afifuddin Manik

MA Afifuddin Manik is the son of Husni Kamil Manik & Endang Mulyani. more »

Ma Biao

Ma Biao was born in August 1954 a native of Guangxi who joined the Communist Party of China in... more »

Ma Fuliang

Ma Fuliang is a Chinese sprint canoer who competed in the late 1980s. At the 1988 Summer... more »

Ma Gui

Ma Gui was an accomplished master of the internal Chinese martial art of Baguazhang, and was... more »

Ma Huan

Ma Huan 馬歡;, courtesy name Chung-dao 宗道, pen name Mountain-woodcutter, was born in Kuaiji County... more »

Ma Jae-Yoon

Ma Jae-Yoon, known by the pseudonym sAviOr, and dubbed The Maestro, is a former professional... more »

Ma Jianjun

Ma Jianjun is a male Chinese water polo player who was part of the gold medal winning team at... more »

Ma Jung-Kil

Ma Jung-Kil is a South Korean sidearm relief pitcher who plays for the Nexen Heroes in the Korea... more »

Ma Ke

Ma Ke was a Chinese composer and musicologist, best known for his patriotic songs, including... more »

Ma Kwok Po

Ma Kwok Po, also known as Panda ma, is a former Hong Kong national windsurfer. Ma is now working... more »

Ma Laichi

Ma Laichi, also known as Abu 'l-Futūh Ma Laichi, was a Chinese Sufi master, who brought the... more »

Ma Lin

Professor Ma Lin, CBE, JP is a biochemist and educator. He was the Vice-Chancellor of the... more »

Ma Linyi

Ma Linyi was a Chinese Muslim born in Hunan province during the Qing Dynasty. In 1912 he became... more »

Ma Mingxin

Ma Mingxin was a Chinese Sufi master, the founder of the Jahriyya menhuan. more »

Ma Qixi

Ma Qixi, a Hui from Gansu, was the founder of the Xidaotang, a Chinese-Islamic school of thought. more »

Ma Wanfu

Ma Wanfu, also known as Hajji Guoyuan 果园哈只, was a Dongxiang-Imam of the village Guoyuan in... more »

Ma Xianda

Ma Xianda was born in 1932 to a Muslim Hui family in Hebei whose association with martial arts... more »

Ma Xiaochun

Ma Xiaochun is a Chinese professional Go player. more »

Ma Xiaodong

Ma Xiaodong is a Chinese figure skater. He was second at the 2002 Junior Grand Prix Final and... more »

Ma Ximing

A relative of the Chinese emperor Puyi, and husband of the author Ma Nancy Chih. more »

Ma Yonglin

Ma Yonglin was a Chinese Muslim leader of the Multicoloured Mosque who participated in the... more »

Ma Yuanzhang

Ma Yuanzhang was a Chinese Sufi master, of the Jahriyya menhuan. more »

Ma Yue

Ma Yue was born in 1959 to a Muslim Hui family in Hebei, whose association with martial arts... more »

Ma Yuehan

Ma Yuehan was a pioneer in modern Chinese sports. During his lifetime he was the professor of... more »

Ma Zhi

Ma Zhi, courtesy name Cunzhi, was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, serving as a... more »

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