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Tabe Mitsuro

Tabe Mitsuro was a Japanese born explorer. Born in a fishing village to a poor family in Kyūshū,... more »

Taber Schroeder

Taber Schroeder is the son of Michael Schroeder and Sharon Cingle Schroeder. more »

Tabre Owens

Tabre Owens is the brother of Taj Owens. more »


Tacfarinas was a Numidian deserter from the Roman army who led his own Musulamii tribe and a... more »

Tach Sharakat

Tach Sharakat Kalash belongs to an endangered Indigenous culture and language community Kalasha... more »

Tache Giugaru

Tache Giugaru is the father of Maria Ploae. more »

Tachibana, Junichi

Tachibana, Junichi was the husband of Midori Satsuki. more »

Tachibanaya Takezō II

Tachibanaya Takezō II is a rakugo artist. He currently resides in Tokyo. He first performed in... more »

Tacius Golding

Tacius Golding was a Jamaican politician. He was elected as a member of the House of... more »

Taco Costa

Taco Costa is the son of Don Costa. more »

Taco Dibbits

Taco Dibbits is an art historian and first came to the Rijksmuseum as curator of 17th-century... more »

Tad Barker

Tad Barker is the brother of Frances Ruffelle more »

Tad Dennis

Tad Dennis, born Timothy Alan Dennis, is a world-class athlete in the men's single slalom canoe... more »

Tad Dunphy

Tad Dunphy is the son of Jerry Dunphy. more »

Tad Goltra

Tad Goltra is GM and VP of ZoomInfo's Recruiting business unit. Goltra joined ZoomInfo in... more »

Tad R. Callister

Tad Richards Callister has been a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day... more »

Tad Schroeder

Tad Schroeder is an American football coach in the United States. more »

Tad Skylar Agoglia

Tad Agoglia is the founder of The First Response Team of America, a nonprofit organization that... more »

Tad Waddington

Tad Waddington, Ph.D. is the CEO of Lasting Contribution®, LLC, is a Global Senior Advisor to... more »

Tada Kasuke

Tada Kasuke was a Japanese farmer who led a failed appeal for lowered taxes in Azumidaira, a... more »

Tadaaki Miyake

Tadaaki Miyake is a Japanese folklorist born in 1939 at Okayama Prefecture. more »

Tadahiko Ogawa

Tadahiko Ogawa is a Japanese artist and graphic designer. He is best known for his accurate 1983... more »

Tadahiko Taira

Tadahiko Taira is a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer from Japan. He was a three-time... more »

Tadahiro Aizawa

Tadahiro Aizawa was a nattō merchant who was the first to discover Japanese Paleolithic... more »

Tadahiro Ando

Tadahiro Ando was the Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture from 2003 to 2006. In 2009, Ando was... more »

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