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K. Kavitha

Kalvakuntla Kavitha is an Indian political activist. She is the founder of Telangana Jagruti... more »

Kael Becerra

Kael Alejandro Becerra Rojas is a Chilean athlete specializing in the sprinting events. more »

Kalpana Chakma

Kalpana Chakma is an indigenous women's rights activist of Bangladesh who held the position of... more »

Kamal Al-Solaylee

Kamal Al-Solaylee is a Canadian journalist, who published his debut book, Intolerable: A Memoir... more »

Kamel Keilany

Kamal Keilany was an Egyptian writer. He was born in Al Qala'a district in Cairo, Egypt. more »

Kamil Durczok

Kamil Durczok is a Polish journalist, Editor-in-Chief and presenter of TVN newscast Fakty TVN. more »

Kamil Kalina

Kamil Kalina is a Czech psychiatrist, university professor, a psychologist "addictologist", and... more »

Kamil Ocak

Mehmet Kamil Ocak was a Turkish politician and served as minister of state from 1965 to 1969. more »

Kamil Özerk

Kamil Özerk is a Norwegian-Turkish Cypriot educator and professor of pedagogy at the University... more »

Kamil Sedláček

Kamil Sedláček is a prominent Czech tibetologist and comparative Sino-Tibetan linguist. more »

Kamil Sindi

Kamil Sindi was the Director General of Saudi Arabian Airlines in 1967 and the Assistant... more »

Kamil Sułek

Kamil Sułek is a Polish judoka. more »

Kamil Szmerdt

Kamil Szmerdt is a Polish gay rights activist, poet and beauty pageant participant. He... more »

Kamila Volčanšek

Kamila Volčanšek is a Slovene painter and illustrator of children's books. Volčanšek was born in... more »

Kamla Devi Patle

Kamla Devi Patle is an Indian politician. She is a member of the Indian Parliament, and... more »

Kamo no Yasunori no musume

Kamo no Yasunori no musume was the second daughter of the Heian period onmyōji Kamo no Yasunori... more »

Kamonporn Sukmak

Kamonporn Sukmak is a member of the Thailand women's national volleyball team. more »

Kâmran İnan

Kamran Inan, Turkish politician, statesman of Kurdish origin, diplomat and scholar... more »

Kamy Sepehrnoori

Kamy Sepehrnoori is Bank of America Centennial Professor in petroleum engineering at the... more »

Kana Kawakami

Kana Kawakami is a Japanese volleyball player. more »


カナゲこと本名アルフォンソ・ディリアウは、パプアニューギニアの人気のコメディアンである。持ちネタの一つに現代社会の文化を知らない不器用なブッシュマンを演じるネタがある。 more »

Kanak Mani Dixit

Kanak Mani Dixit is a Nepali publisher, editor and writer. He is the founder of the news... more »

Kanak Mukherjee

Kanak Mukherjee, née Kanak Dasgupta was a member of Communist Party of India, she is also... more »

Kanchan Satpute

Kanchan Satpute is a Marathi film producer. She owns the production company Nishad audio visuals... more »

Kanchana Mendis

Kanchana Mendis, is a Sri Lankan actress who entered the film industry through the Sinhala film... more »

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