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Ian Sturrock

Ian Sturrock is a noted rescuer and restorer of orchards and apple trees, and has saved a number... more »

Ibrahim Aboubacar

Ibrahim Aboubacar is a French politician who was elected to the French National Assembly on June... more »

Ida Hedlund

Ida Hedlund is the daughter of Hanna Hedlund. more »

Ida Holterhoff Holloway

Ida Holterhoff Holloway was a female American painter, designer and instructor known primarily... more »

Ida Marie Holen

Ida Marie Holen is a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party. She served as a deputy... more »

Ida Mary Lough

Ida Mary Lough was a New Zealand writer and weaver. She was born in Wellington, Wellington, New... more »

Ida S. Skjelbakken

Ida Sunniva Sandaas Skjelbakken is a Norwegian author and illustrator. She was born in Lørenskog... more »

Ida Smoot Dusenberry

Ida Maline Smoot Dusenberry was a Utah educator and a leader in the Relief Society of The Church... more »

Idania Fernandez

Idania de Los Angeles Fernandez, born July 23, 1952 in Managua, Nicaragua, assassinated in... more »


Iddin-Dagān, inscribed di-din dda-gan, ca. 1910 BC – 1890 BC or ca. 1975-1954 BC, was the 3rd... more »

Idea Vilariño

Idea Vilariño was a Uruguayan poet, essayist and literary critic. She belonged to the group of... more »

Idrak Abbasov

Idrak Abbasov is an Azerbaijani journalist who works for the newspaper Zerkalo, one of... more »

Idris al-Ma'mun

Abu al-Ala Idris al-Mamun was an Almohad rival caliph who reigned in part of the empire from... more »

Idris Azad

Idris Azad on August 7, 1969, is an author, philosopher, novelist, poet, dramatist and... more »

Idus of Leinster

Idus of Leinster was an Irish saint of the fifth century. Said to be a disciple of Saint... more »

Ignacio Barrios

Ignacio Barrios was a Mexican painter mostly known for his absolute commitment to watercolour... more »

Ignacio Baz

Ignacio Baz was an Argentine painter who painted many portraits of notable people in the region... more »

Ignacio Gómez

Ignacio Gómez is a Colombian journalist known for his high-risk reporting on organized crime,... more »

Ignacio López de Ayala

Ignacio López de Ayala was a writer, astronomer and historian. He was a professor of poetry at... more »

Ignacio Ortiz

Ignacio Ortiz is a Mexican painter and teacher noted for his depictions of women and his work in... more »

Ignacio Quereda

Ignacio Quereda Laviña is a Spanish football coach who manages the Spain women's national... more »

Ignatius Olisemeka

Ignatius Olisemeka served as foreign minister of Nigeria. more »

Ignatius Walvis

Ignatius Walvis, was an 18th-century priest, historian, and writer from the Netherlands. more »

Ignaty Krachkovsky

Ignaty Yulianovich Krachkovsky since 1921; since 1925 Academy of Science of the... more »

Ignazio Licata

Ignazio Licata, born 1958, is an Italian theoretical physicist, professor and scientific... more »

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