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Ikumi Yoshimatsu

Ikumi Yoshimatsu is a Japanese beauty pageant titleholder, opinion leader, actress, book author... more »

Ilan D. Feldman

Ilan Daniel Feldman is an American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, public speaker and author. Since 1991... more »


Ilancueitl was the first queen of Tenochtitlan. more »

Ileana Ongar

Ileana Ongar is a former Italian hurdler, that was 8th at 1976 Summer Olympics and earned four... more »

Ilka Štuhec

Ilka Štuhec is a Slovenian alpine skier. She is a three times FIS Junior World Champion in three... more »

İlknur Melis Durası

İlknur Melis Durası is a Turkish model, scientist and actress. She is Turkish beauty pageant... more »


Ilku of Kish was the twentieth Sumerian king in the First Dynasty of Kish, according to the... more »

Illugi Gunnarsson

Illugi Gunnarsson is an Icelandic politician and member of Althing and the Minister of... more »

Ilo Kärki

Ilo Kärki is sibling of Toivo Kärki. more »

Ilona Angyal

Ilona Angyal was the wife of Béla Hamvas. more »

Ilona Hegedűs

Ilona Hegedűs is a Hungarian writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror poetry, writing in... more »

Ilona Jurševska

Ilona Jurševska is a Latvian politician, member of the Latvian Farmers' Union and the incumbent... more »

Ilse Amalie Mathilde von Randow

Ilse Amalie Mathilde von Randow was a New Zealand weaver. She was born in Giessen, Germany in 1901. more »


Iltasadum of Kish was the twenty-first Sumerian king in the First Dynasty of Kish, according to... more »

Ilwhan Park

A mechanical engineer with more than a decade of experience in the medical device and high... more »

Ilya Andreyevich Tolstoy

Ilya Andreyevich Tolstoy, count, U.S. Army Colonel. President F. D. Roosevelt's envoy in Tibet... more »

Ilya Golenishchev-Kutuzov

Ilya Nikolaevich Golenishchev-Kutuzov was a Russian philologist, poet, and translator. He was an... more »

Ilya Nikiforov

Ilya Nikiforov is a Russian lawyer, managing partner at Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev and partners,... more »

Ilyana Iotova

Ilyana Malinova Iotova is a Bulgarian politician and Member of the European Parliament. She is a... more »

Ilyas Afandiyev

Ilyas Mahammad oglu Afandiyev was an Azerbaijani and Soviet writer, member of Azerbaijan Union... more »

Ilyās Farhāt

Ilyās Farhāt was a Lebanese poet who lived and wrote in Latin America. Ilyās Farhāt was born to... more »

Ilyas Khan

Ilyas Khan is a British philanthropist and merchant banker. He is married to Mara Hotung,... more »

Imam Sufaat

Imam Sufaat is the Commander of Indonesian Air Force. He is from Yogyakarta and his religions is... more »

Imamzade Halil Pasha

Imamzade Halil Pasha was an Ottoman statesman. He was grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire from... more »

Iman Syah

Iman Syah is the son of Bing Slamet. more »

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