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Obsidius was the commander of a Frentanian troop of horse, serving under the consul Laevinus in... more »

October Lewis

October Martinique Lewis was a member of a terrorist group dubbed the Portland Seven, some... more »

Oda Schaefer

Oda Schaefer was a German writer and journalist. more »

Odessa Piper

Odessa Piper is an American restaurateur and chef. Piper grew up in New England, and developed... more »

Odile Jacob

Odile Jacob is a French publisher who founded Les Éditions Odile Jacob in the middle of the... more »

Oldenburg Baby

The Oldenburg Baby is the name given by the German media to Tim, an infant born in Oldenburg,... more »

Olga Arefieva

Olga Arefieva is Russian singer-songwriter, poet and musician. She has graduated from Gnessin... more »

Olga Bisera

Olga Bisara is a Bosnian film actress and producer. Born as Bisera Vukotic in 1949 in Mostar,... more »

Olga Fielden

Olga Fielden was a Belfast based playwright and novelist. Her novel "Island Story" was described... more »

Olga Freidenberg

Olga Freidenberg was a Russian and Soviet classical philologist, one of the pioneers of cultural... more »

Olga Khanina

Olga Khanina is a Kyrgyz beach volleyball player. She competed at the 2012 Asian Beach Games in... more »

Olga Kudrina

Olga Dmitrievna Kudrina was a shamaness among the Reindeer Evenki of northern Inner Mongolia... more »

Olga Sidorova

Olga Sidorova is a Russian-born trapezist. more »

Olga Tomilova

Olga Tomilova, was a Russian pedagogue. She was the principal of the Smolny Institute in Saint... more »

Oliger Jacobaeus

Oliger Jacobaeus, also known as Holger Jacobi, was a Danish physician and naturalist. He was... more »

Oliger Paulli

Oliger Paulli, also spelt as Olliger Paulli, was a wealthy Danish merchant from an influential... more »

Olimi I of Toro

Rukirabasaija Kaboyo Omuhundwa Kasusunkwanzi Olimi I was Omukama of the Kingdom of Toro, from... more »

Olimi II of Toro

Rukirabasaija Nyaika Mukabirere Olimi II was Omukama of the Kingdom of Toro, from 1872 until... more »

Olimpiu Blaj

Olimpiu Gelu Blaj is a Romanian actor mostly known for playing Eric in The Cosmonaut's Last... more »

Olimpo Cárdenas

Olimpo Cárdenas was an Ecuadorean singer. He toured Colombia a great deal, giving concerts in... more »

Olival Freire, Jr.

Olival Freire, Jr. is a physicist and historian of physics. He is Associate Professor and... more »

Olive Anstey

Olive Eva Anstey CBE was an Australian hospital matron. Born at Fremantle to sawmill benchman... more »

Olive Emily Jones

Olive Emily Jones was a New Zealand potter. She was born in Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand on... more »

Olive Leonhardt

Olive Ellzey Leonhardt was an illustrator and artist. She was born in Jackson, Mississippi, the... more »

Olive Yang

Olive Yang was the half-sister of Sao Edward Yang Kyein Tsai, the saopha of Kokang, a state in... more »

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