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Oni Akerele

John Oni Akerele was a Nigerian doctor, Nigeria's first indigenous surgeon. While living in... more »


Onigbogi was a king of the Oyo Empire in West Africa who succeeded his father, the Alaafin... more »

Onofre Pratdesaba

Onofre Pratdesaba was a Catalan jesuit and writer. He taught philosophy in Barcelona and... more »

Onomastus of Macedon

Onomastus was a confidential officer of Philip V of Macedon, for whom he held the government of... more »

Onomastus of Smyrna

Onomastus of Smyrna was the first Olympic victor in boxing at the 23rd Olympiad, 688 BC, when... more »

Oona Garthwaite

Oona Garthwaite is an American singer-songwriter. She was born in California to a musical... more »

Ope Pasquet

Ope Pasquet Iribarne is a Uruguayan political figure and lawyer. more »

Operation Old Bridge

Operation Old Bridge is the code name for the February 7, 2008 arrests in Italy and the United... more »

Opis of Messapia

Opis was an Iapygian king of the Messapian state. Opis reigned during the first half of the 5th... more »

Opiter Verginius Tricostus

Opiter Verginius Tricostus served as consul of the early Roman Republic in 502 BC, with Spurius... more »

Opiter Verginius Tricostus Esquilinus

Opiter Verginius Tricostus Esquilinus was consul suffectus of the Roman Republic in 478 BC, in... more »

Orazio Michi

Orazio Michi "dell'Arpa" was an Italian composer, and, as his nickname "of the harp" suggests,... more »

Orba Elmer Jackson

Orba Elmer JacksonMarch 21,1950#7Two days on the listOrba Elmer Jackson- U.S. prisoner sentenced... more »

Orbán Kolompár

Orbán Kolompár is a Hungarian Romani politician and activist, who served as President of the... more »


Ordóñez is the name of a Spanish bullfighting family that has flourished since 1917 in Ronda. It... more »


Orentius was one of seven brothers, which included Cyriacus, Firminus, Firmus, Heros, Longinus,... more »

Orentius and Patientia

Orentius and Patientia are traditionally held as the parents of Lawrence of Rome. They suffered... more »

Orest Zerebko

Orest Zerebko was an Austrian-born journalist and political figure in Saskatchewan. He... more »


Orestes was the Praefectus augustalis of the Diocese of Egypt, that is, the Roman governor of... more »

Origins of society

The origins of society — the evolutionary emergence of distinctively human social organization —... more »

Oriol Salvia

Oriol Salvia is a professional squash player from Spain. more »

Oriwa Tahupotiki Haddon

Oriwa Tahupotiki Haddon was a New Zealand Methodist minister, pharmacist, artist and... more »

Örjan Wikander

Örjan Wikander is a Swedish classical archaeologist and ancient historian. His main interests... more »

Orlando Gordon

The husband of Chandra Davis aka London "Deelishis" Charles. more »

Orlando Jopling

After a music degree from Cambridge University, Orlando studied with Sir Colin Davis, George... more »

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