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Olivuccio di Ciccarello

Olivuccio Ceccarello di Ciccarello was an Italian painter. Little is known of his life; he was a... more »


Oljath was a queen consort of Georgia as the wife of two successive kings, Vakhtang II and David... more »

Olle Nordmark

Olle Emanuel Nordmark was a Swedish painter and muralist born in Nordanholen at Mockfjärd... more »

Olle Westling

Olle Gunnar Westling is a Swedish socionom, former municipal civil servant and the father of... more »

Olli Kunnari

Olli Kunnari is a Finnish volleyball player. He is currently one of the key players in the... more »

Ollie Ganz

Ollie Ganz is the child of Jeffrey Ganz. more »

Ollom Fotla

Ollom Fotla, son of Fíachu Fínscothach, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical... more »

Olly Grender

Rosalind Mary Grender, Baroness Grender, MBE, known as Olly Grender, is a former Head of... more »

Ólöf Loftsdóttir

Ólöf Loftsdóttir, was a politically active Icelandic woman. She was the daughter of judge Loftur... more »

Ólöf Nordal

Ólöf Nordal is a member of parliament of the Althing, the Icelandic parliament. She is a member... more »

Olof Tempelman

Olof Samuel Tempelman was a Swedish architect and, from 1779, professor at the Royal Swedish... more »

Olof Thorin

G. Olof Thorin was a Swedish mathematician working on analysis and probability, who introduced... more »

Olsi Baze

http://lajme.parajsa.com/Intervista/id_267381/ Olsi Baze is an Albanian politician. Baze... more »


Oluaso was an Oyo king known for his handsome and strong physique. Legends of his reign describe... more »

Oluf Skarpnes

Oluf Skarpnes is a Norwegian jurist. From 1982 ot 1998 he was the County Governor of Vest-Agder... more »

Oluseyi Bajulaiye

Oluseyi Bajulaiye, a national of Nigeria, is a senior United Nations official with a background... more »

Olusola Solanke

Olusola Solanke is the sibling of Olumide Solanke. more »

Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun

Olufemi Olaiya Balogun is the former Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Agriculture,... more »

Om Prakash Yadav Gulzari

Om Prakash Yadhav Gulzari is an Indian politician, belonging to the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum. In... more »

Omana and Moscow Gopalakrishnan

Omana Gopalakrishnan and Moscow Gopalakrishnan was a husband and wife duo noted for their... more »

Omar al-Muqdad

Omar al-Muqdad is a journalist. He was born in Bosra, Dara'a, Syria. Al-Muqdad was a freelance... more »

Omar el Sayed

Omar el-Sayed is an alleged Hezbollah member arrested by Canadian authorities pending... more »

Omar Farah Iltireh

Omar Farah Iltireh is a politician from Djibouti who served in the French National Assembly from... more »

Omar Graffigna

Omar Domingo Rubens Graffigna is a former Argentine Air Force officer who served in the second... more »

Omar Hanoune

Omar S. M."Hanoune" is an Egyptian human rights activist, international law specialist and... more »

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