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E. H. Amonoo-Neizer

'"E. H. Amonoo-Neizer Ph.D is a Ghanaian academician and the former Vice Chancellor of the Kwame... more »

E. L. Young

Emma L. Young is a science journalist and writer, who currently works in Sydney as the Editor... more »

E. Moidu Moulavi

E. Moidu Moulavi is a freedom fighter of Malabar, born at Maranchery in Ponnani. more »

E. Myles Standish

Erland Myles Standish, Jr. is a mathematical astronomer and a former professor at Yale... more »

E. Ogden Bush

Elmer Ogden Bush was an American dentist and politician from New York. more »

E. P. Metcalfe

E. P. Metcalfe was the former vice chancellor and Professor of Physics, and Principal of Central... more »

E. Raymond Lynch

Edward Raymond Lynch was a Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. more »

E. Richard Webber

Ernest Richard Webber, Jr. is a United States federal judge. Webber was born in Kahoka,... more »

E. Roger Boyle

E. Roger Boyle was an American author and scholar of drama. He taught playwriting at the... more »

E. S. Dwarakadasa

Prof. E.S. Dwarakadasa was formerly Professor in the Department of Metallurgy at the Indian... more »

E. S. S. Raman

Ekiri Sanjeevi Subramanya Raman is an Indian politician with the Indian National Congress and... more »

E. U. Pupella

E.U. Pupella was an Indonesian nationalist leader from the island of Ambon during the Japanese... more »

E.H. Cederlund

E.H. Cederlund was a painter and carpenter and the father of Gösta Cederlund. more »

E.H. Hurst

E.H. Hurst was a dairy farmer and politician in Mississippi, elected as a Democrat to the state... more »

E.H. Roelfzema

E.H. Roelfzema is the pen name of Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema Jr., Dutch writer, poet, artist,... more »

E.J. Joyner

E.J. Joyner is the child of Edward Joyner. more »

E.J. Thomas

E.J. Thomas is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, serving from 1984-1999. more »

E.J.R. David

E. J. R. David is a professor, author, and Filipino American community activist. He is a... more »

E.K. Mawlong

Evansius Kek Mawlong was an Indian politician who served as the Chief Minister of Meghalaya from... more »

E.M.O'R. Dickey

E. M. O'R. Dickey was a wood engraver who was active at the beginning of the twentieth century... more »

E.S. Bijimol

E.S.Bijimol is a politician and Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly from Peerumedu... more »

Éamonn mac An Cosnamhach Ó Dubhda

Éamonn mac An Cosnamhach Ó Dubhda was an Irish Chief of the Name and Lord of Tireragh who died... more »

Eamonn O'Reilly

Eamonn O'Reilly is an Irish chef and restaurateur. He has been awarded best chef 2006, 2010 and... more »


Eanberht, King of Hwicce, jointly with Uhtred and Ealdred. In 757 Eanberht, Uhtred, and Ealdred,... more »


Eanhere was a possible ruler of Hwicce, one of the Anglo Saxon kingdoms of England, maybe... more »

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