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Ewa Komander

Ewa Komander is a Polish professional triathlete, Polish U23 Champion of the year 2007 and Elite... more »

Ewa Siemaszko

Ewa Siemaszko is a Polish writer, publicist and lecturer; collector of oral accounts and... more »

Ewald Heer

Ewald Heer is an aerospace engineer, author and professor who has worked on robotics, artificial... more »

Ewald Kienle

Ewald Kienle is a German inventor and entrepreneur. He developed and produced electronic church... more »

Ewald Schuldt

Ewald Schuldt, full name Ewald Adolf Ludwig Wilhelm Schuldt, was a German prehistorian who... more »

Eyal Erlich

Eyal Erlich is a former professional tennis player from Israel. more »

Eyal Gabbai

Eyal Gabbai was the Director-General of the Israeli Prime Minister's Office from 2009 to 2011... more »


Eyesaw is a UK-based street artist best known for subverting advertisement posters found in... more »

Eystein Paasche

Eystein Karl Mørner Paasche is a Norwegian botanist. He was born in Oslo as a son of literary... more »

Eysteinn Jónsson

Eysteinn Jónsson was an Icelandic politician and former minister. more »

Eyvind Lambi

Eyvind Lambi or Eyvind Lamb was a Norwegian viking and hersir of the late ninth and early tenth... more »

Eze Nri Ènweleána II Obidiegwu Onyeso

Eze Ènweleána II Obidiegwu Onyeso is the 16th recorded, and currently ruling, Eze Nri of the... more »

Eze Nri Ìfikuánim

Eze Nri Ìfikuánim was the first king of the Nri Kingdom. According to Igbo oral tradition, his... more »

Eze Nri Òbalíke

Eze Nri Òbalíke is the 15th recorded Eze Nri of the Kingdom of Nri in modern day southeastern... more »

Ezechiel de Decker

Ezechiel de Decker was a Dutch surveyor and teacher of mathematics. more »

Ezechiel Nibigira

Ezechiel Nibigira is currently President of Burundi's ruling party CNDD-FDD's youth wing of... more »


Ezekiel was patriarch of the Church of the East from 570 to 581. He is principally remembered in... more »

Ezequiel Pedro Paz

Ezequiel Pedro Paz or José Clemente Paz Ezequiel Diaz was an Argentine journalist. He took the... more »

Ezio Franceschini

Ezio Franceschini was a Latin scholar and philologist, professor of medieval Latin literature,... more »

Ezio Vendrame

Ezio Vendrame is an Italian writer and former soccer player. more »

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