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Edilberto Domarchi

Edilberto Domarchi was a Chilean poet. more »

Edison Mclean

Edison McLean is a male skeet shooting athlete from the Cayman Islands. more »

Edit Bérces

Edit Bérces is an ultramarathon runner, world record holder, former world and European... more »

Edita Krešáková

Edita Krešáková is a beauty pageant contestant who represented Slovakia in Miss World 2008 in... more »

Edith Florence Hyde

Edith Florence Hyde was the mother of Sylvia Ashley. more »

Édith Girard

Édith Girard is a French architect who in particular has designed a number of apartment... more »

Edith Harrison

Edith Harrison is one of the children of Carter Harrison, Sr. more »

Edith Mary Macfarlane

Edith Mary Macfarlane was a New Zealand community worker. She was born in Torquay, Devonshire,... more »

Edith Mary Statham

Edith Mary Statham was a notable New Zealand singer, nurse, secretary, war graves conservator... more »

Edith Mayer

Edith Mayer is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives. more »

Edith McClafferty

Edith McClafferty is a Democratic member of the Montana Legislature. He was elected to House... more »

Edith Pulitzer

Edith Pulitzer was the daughter of Joseph Pulitzer. more »

Edith Unnerstad

Edith Alice Unnerstad was a Swedish author, particularly known for her children's books. more »

Edmé-Gilles Guyot

Edmé-Gilles Guyot was a French physician, postmaster, cartographer, inventor and author on the... more »

Edmilson Rodrigues

Edmilson Rodrigues was mayor of Belém in Brazil. He is a member of the Socialism and Freedom... more »

Edmon Marukyan

Edmon Marukyan is an Armenian lawyer, who was elected member of the National Assembly in May... more »

Edmond Beavor

Edmond Beavor was a captain in the British Royal Navy. more »

Edmond Butler of Killoshulan

Edmond Butler of Killoshulan, Duiske, County Kilkenny was the youngest son of Piers Butler of... more »

Edmond Dauchot

Edmond Dauchot was a Belgian photographer, poet and engraver. more »

Edmond Davall

Edmond Davall was a Swiss botanist and politician. He was son of the English-Swiss botanist... more »

Edmond de Burca

Edmond de Burca was 12th Mac William Iochtar and lord of Lower Connacht, Ireland. more »

Edmond de Fels

Edmond de Fels was a French diplomat, writer and historian. more »

Edmond MacHugo

Edmond MacHugo, Irish Chief of the Name, alive 1559. MacHugo is notable as one of the first... more »

Edmond Panariti

Edmond Panariti is an Albanian academic and politician, who is the former minister of foreign... more »

Edmond Papinot

Jacques Edmond-Joseph Papinot was a French Roman Catholic priest and missionary who was also... more »

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