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Orlando L. Martin

Orlando L. Martin was a Vermont farmer, teacher and politician who served as Speaker of the... more »

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo was born in Havana, Cuba. Lazo graduated from the University of Havana... more »

Orlando Mendes

Orlando Marques de Almeida Mendes was a Mozambican biologist and writer. more »

Orley May

Orley May was an American detective in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1930s. May is known for working on... more »

Orlin Russev

Orlin Russev is a Bulgarian judoka. more »

Orma W. Wallengren

Orma W. Wallengren, also known as Clair Whitaker and Clair Whitaker Peterson, was the author of... more »

Orna Ben-Naftali

Orna Ben-Naftali is an Israeli legal academic and commentator on human rights in Israel. She is... more »

Ornella Livingston

Ornella Livingston, is an Jamaican young sprinter who represented Jamaica at The Carifta Games,... more »

Ornella Ongaro

Ornella Ongaro is a Grand Prix motorcycle racer from France. more »

Ornella Sizzi

Ornella Sizzi is a noted Italian surgeon renowned as a pioneer in the field of minimally... more »


Orompoto was an Alaafin of Oyo, also the empire's titled ruler. He was the brother of his... more »

Oros of Alexandria

Oros was a late classical/Byzantine lexicographer and grammarian active in the mid-5th century... more »

Orosmán Moratorio

Orosmán Moratorio was an Uruguayan poet and writer. A member of the Gaucho literature movement,... more »

Orpha Cooper

Orpha Cooper is a parent of basketball player Shaquille Hines. more »


Orpingalik was a Netsilik Inuit angakkuq and oral poet who provided anthropological input to... more »

Orrvar Dalby

Orrvar Dalby is head of the development department at Norwegian People's Aid. Dalby is a... more »

Orton Sutherland Hintz

Orton Sutherland Hintz was a New Zealand journalist, newspaper editor, writer and fisherman. He... more »

Orville Clark

Orville Clark was an American lawyer and politician from New York. more »


Ōsama, born Ōsama Jirō, is a Japanese musician and guitarist born on July 7, 1960. He is from... more »

Osama Abdul Latif

Osama D. Abdel Latif is a Sudanese businessman. more »

Osama bin Laden bodyguards

American officials have reported that the late al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had numerous... more »

Osama El-Gendi

Osama El-Gendi was born in 1953. He graduated from the Naval Academy in Alexandria in 1975. On... more »

Osama Kamal

Osama Kamal was the Egyptian minister of petroleum and mineral resources. He was sworn into... more »

Osama Saleh

Osama Saleh is an Egyptian economist, who served as the minister of investment of Egypt from 2... more »

Osamu Matsubara

Osamu Matsubara was a Japanese businessman, business executive, and former chairman and CEO of... more »

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