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B. S. Ranga

Bindinganavile Srinivas Iyengar Ranga was born in Magadi Village in the erstwhile princely state... more »

Babak Salari

Babak Salari is Iranian-Canadian freelance photographer, based in Montreal, educated at... more »

Bae Doona

Bae Doona is a South Korean actress and photographer. She first became known outside Korea for... more »

Bahaettin Rahmi Bediz

Rahmizâde Bahaeddin Bey was a Cretan Turk who is generally agreed by historians to be the first... more »

Bahman Jalali

Bahman Jalali was a famous Iranian photographer who played a significant role in educating the... more »

Bahman Motamedian

Bahman Motamedian is an Iranian film maker, photographer, writer and script writer. He was born... more »

Baldomero Fernandez Raigon

Baldomero Fernandez Raigon was the father of Jose F. Aguayo. more »

Baljit Singh Deo

Baljit Singh Deo is a film director, screenwriter and an actor. more »

Balthasar Burkhard

Balthasar Burkhard was a Swiss photographer who received international recognition for his... more »

Balthazar Korab

Balthazar Korab was a photographer based in Detroit, Michigan specializing in architectural, art... more »

Bandi Rajan Babu

Bandi Rajan Babu was a noted Indian photographer. He is known for his black and white pictures... more »

Banri Namikawa

Banri Namikawa was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Barat Ali Batoor

Barat Ali Batoor is a young Hazara professional freelancer photographer from Afghanistan born in... more »

Barbara Davidson

Barbara Davidson is a cinematographer and photographer. more »

Barbara J. Ries

Barbara J. Ries is a photographer. more »

Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger is an American conceptual artist. Much of her work consists of black-and-white... more »

Barbara Luisi

Barbara Luisi is the wife of Fabio Luisi. more »

Barbara Minty

Barbara Minty, also known as Barbara Minty McQueen, is a former fashion model who was the third... more »

Barbara Morgan

Barbara Morgan was an American photographer best known for her depictions of modern dancers. She... more »

Barbara Nitke

Barbara Nitke is a New York City art photographer who specializes in the subject of human sexual... more »

Barbara Traub

Barbara Traub is an American photographer who was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland... more »

Bård Løken

Bård Løken is a Norwegian photographer, living in Elverum. He has worked as a photographer since... more »


Stirling Henry Nahum, known professionally as Baron was a society and court photographer in the... more »

Baron Raimund von Stillfried

Baron Raimund von Stillfried, also known as Baron Raimund von Stillfried-Rathenitz, was an... more »

Baron Wolman

Baron Wolman is an American photographer best known for his work in the late 1960s for the music... more »

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