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Rab Townsend

Rab Townsend is a musician, composer, writer, and photographer. He was born in Bancroft,... more »

Rachel Galvin

Rachel Galvin is an American actress, writer and editor who has performed and worked in... more »

Rachel Harrison

Rachel Harrison is a sculptor based in New York. Harrison is best known for assemblage work. Her... more »

Rachel Ritchie

Rachel Ritchie is a photographer. more »

Rachel Sussman

Rachel Sussman is an American fine art photographer based in Brooklyn. She graduated from the... more »

Rad Roubeni

Rad Roubeni is a film director, producer and a cinematographer. more »

Radius Prawiro

Dr. Radius Prawiro, Drs.ec.,AK was an Indonesian economist and politician. more »

Radovan Nastić

Radovan Nastić, also known as Bensedin, born 15 February 1975, in Belgrade. more »

Rafael Egaña

Rafael Egaña is a photographer who appeared in the 2011 short documentary film Guiding Sights. more »

Rafael Vargas-Suarez

Rafael Vargas-Suarez, more commonly known as Vargas-Suarez Universal, is a contemporary artist... more »

Rafael Wober

Rafael Wober is a photographer and photojournalist. more »

Rafael Y. Herman

Rafael Yossef Herman is an artist best known for his breakthrough photography project Bereshit -... more »

Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai is an Indian photographer and photojournalist. He was a protégé of Henri... more »

Raghubir Singh

Raghubir Singh was an Indian photographer, most known for his landscapes and documentary-style... more »

Ragnar Axelsson

Ragnar Axelsson, who also calls himself RAX, is an Icelandic photographer. He has been a staff... more »

Rainer Frimmel

Rainer Frimmel is an Austrian director and photographer. After studying psychology in Vienna he... more »

Raissa Venables

The photographs of New Yorker Raїssa Venables portray distorted rooms with intoxicating colours... more »

Ralf Brück

Ralf Brueck is a German artist. Ralf Brueck is a younger exponent of the Düsseldorf School of... more »

Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Ralph Eugene Meatyard was an American photographer, from Normal, Illinois. more »

Ralph Morse

Ralph Morse was a career staff photographer for Life magazine known for his inventive mind and... more »

Ralph Talmont

Ralph Talmont is an Australian/Polish photographer, entrepreneur, multimedia producer and... more »

Ralston Crawford

Ralston Crawford was an American abstract painter, lithographer, and photographer. more »

Ramona Persaud

Ramona Persaud is a West Indian-born, documentary film maker, photographer, writer and... more »

Randy West

Randy West is a noted American fine art photographer, perhaps best known for his distinctive and... more »


John Rankin Waddell, also known under his working name Rankin, is an English portrait and... more »

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