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G. E. Kidder Smith

George Everard Kidder Smith was an American architectural writer and photographer. Smith trained... more »

Gabriel Jones

Gabriel Jones is a Juno award nominated photographer more »

Gabriel Torres

Gabriel Torres is a cinematographer. more »

Gabriel Veyre

Gabriel Veyre was an early film director and photographer born in France, but mainly known for... more »

Gabriele Torsello

Gabriele Torsello is an Italian freelance journalist and photojournalist based in London who was... more »

Gail Gregg

Gail Gregg is an artist, photographer and journalist based in New York City. more »

Galen Hooks

Galen Hooks is an American choreographer, dancer, actress, songwriter, and photographer. She... more »

Galen Rowell

Galen Avery Rowell was a wilderness photographer and climber. Born in Oakland, California, he... more »

Gao Yuan

Gao Yuan is a photographer and an ex wife of Dou Wei. more »

Garo Aida

Garo Aida is a Japanese photographer known widely for his erotic work. He has also worked in... more »

Garret Schuelke

Garret Schuelke is a writer, poet, journalist, lyricist, photographer, and painter born, and... more »

Garrick Palmer

Garrick Salisbury Palmer, born in Portsmouth on 20 September 1933, is an English painter, wood... more »

Garry Fabian Miller

Garry Fabian Miller is an internationally recognised photographic artist, specialising in... more »

Garry Gross

Garry Gross is an actor. more »

Garry Winogrand

Garry Winogrand was a street photographer known for his portrayal of the United States in the... more »

Gary Dean Orona

Gary Dean Orona is a film director, film producer and a screenwriter. more »

Gary Fong

Gary Fong is an American entrepreneur, author, and former wedding photographer. He is most... more »

Gary Knight

Gary Knight is a British photographer, architect and co-founder of the VII Photo Agency and... more »

Gary Rosenquist

Gary Rosenquist is a photographer and cinematographer. more »

Gary Schneider

Gary Schneider is a photographer who was born in East London, South Africa and raised in Cape... more »

Gary Stochl

Gary Stochl is a street photographer who lives in Stickney, Illinois, just outside the city of... more »

Gary Talbot

Gary Talbot was a professional footballer in the 1960s with Chester, where he set a record as... more »

Gary Talpas

Gary Talpas is an American art director and photographer. Talpas worked as designer and art... more »

Gary Walkow

Gary Walkow is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer. more »

Gashō Yamamura

Gashō Yamamura was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

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