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I.W. Taber

Isaiah West Taber was an American daguerreotypist, ambrotypist, and photographer who took many... more »

Iain Baxter&

Iain Baxter&, OC, OBC is a Canadian conceptual artist. Baxter& is recognized internationally as... more »

Iain Macmillan

Iain Stewart Macmillan was the Scottish photographer famous for taking the cover photograph for... more »

Iain McKell

Iain McKell is a fashion, portrait and social documentary photographer whose work has been... more »

Ian Bradshaw

Ian Bradshaw is an American freelance photographer and picture editor. His most famous image is... more »

Ian Jorgensen

Ian Francis Jorgensen is a Wellington-based events manager, editor and photographer. He is the... more »

Ian O'Roarty

Ian O'Roarty is a cinematographer, film director and photographer. more »

Ian Shive

Ian Shive is a nature and conservation photographer based in Los Angeles, California and author... more »

Ian Wallace

Ian Wallace is a Tasmanian landscape photographer. Born in 1972 in the Isle of Man, he emigrated... more »

Ian Wiblin

Ian Wiblin is a film director,photographer, cinematographer, and a screenwriter. more »

Ianna Andreadis

Ianna Andreadis is a Greek-origin artist and photographer who has created many books, published... more »

Ibrahim Jassam

Ibrahim Jassam Mohammed is an Iraqi photojournalist who was arrested in Iraq in September 2008... more »

Ichida Souta

Ichida Sōta was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Ichiki Shirō

Ichiki Shirō was a pioneering Japanese photographer. Ichiki was born in Satsuma Province in... more »

Ichirō Kojima

Ichirō Kojima was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Ichirō Kosaka

Ichirō Kosaka was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Ichirō Tanaka

Ichirō Tanaka is a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Ignác Šechtl

Ignác Šechtl, also known as Ignace Schächtl or Hynek Šechtl, was a pioneer of Czech photography... more »

Igor Kostin

Igor Fedorovich Kostin was the only photographer in the world to take pictures of the Chernobyl... more »

Igor Moukhin

Igor Vladimirovich Moukhin, is a Soviet and Russian photographer. more »

Igor Sunara

Igor Sunara is a cinematographer. more »

Ihei Kimura

Ihei Kimura was one of the most celebrated Japanese photographers of the twentieth century,... more »

Ihor Podolchak

Ihor Podolchak is a Ukrainian filmmaker and visual artist. He is a co-founder of the creative... more »


Photographer/Video Editor http://www.youtube.com/user/IIIIIRepoIIIII http://www.facebook.com/II... more »

Ike Altgens

James William "Ike" Altgens was an American photographer and field reporter for the Associated... more »

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