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V. R. Schockman

V.R. Schockman was a Ceylonese statesman and physician. Elected to the Colombo Municipal Council... more »

V. Sivalingam

V. Sivalingam was a Sri Lankan academic and physician. Founder of the Faculty of Medicine,... more »

Václav Treitz

Václav Treitz was a Czech pathologist who was a native of Hostomice, Bohemia. He studied... more »

Václav Vojta

Václav Vojta was a Czech doctor who discovered the principle of reflexlocomotion, which is used... more »


Vagbhata is one of the three classical writers of ayurveda, along with Charaka and Sushruta, who... more »

Valentin Fuster

Valentín Fuster is a Spanish cardiologist – the only cardiologist to receive the two highest... more »

Valentine Munbee McMaster

Surgeon Valentine Munbee McMaster VC was a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most... more »

Valerius Cordus

Valerius Cordus was a German physician and botanist who authored one of the greatest... more »

Valery Havard

Valery Havard, was a career army officer, physician, author, and botanist. Although he held many... more »

Vali Akhundov

Vali Akhundov Yusif oglu, also spelled as Veli Akhundov, was the 10th First Secretary of... more »

Valmont Martin

Valmont Martin was a Canadian physician and politician, serving as mayor of Quebec City from... more »

Van Nest Polglase

Van Nest Polglase is the son of Helen Polglase and art director Van Nest Polglase. more »

Vanessa Kerry

Vanessa Bradford Kerry is an American doctor and founder of the non-profit Seed Global Health... more »

Vasant Bunwaree

Vasant Kumar Bunwaree MP is the Minister of Education of Mauritius, having taken office since 13... more »

Vasant Lad

Vasant Dattatray Lad is an American author, Ayurvedic physician, professor and director of the... more »

Vaso Pelagić

Vasilije "Vaso" Pelagić was a Bosnian Serb utopian socialist in the second half of the... more »

Veer Singh Mehta

Dr. Veer Singh Mehta, born on 5 December 1949 in Rajasthan, India, is a notable Indian... more »

Vera Scantlebury Brown

Vera Scantlebury Brown OBE was an Australian medical practitioner and pediatrician in Victoria,... more »

Vera Weizmann

Vera Weizmann, wife of Chaim Weizmann, the first president of the State of Israel, was a medical... more »

Verdine White Sr.

Verdine White Sr. is a physician and the father of the Earth, Wind and Fire band members Maurice... more »

Verne Mason

Verne Rheem Mason was an eminent internist and associate of Howard Hughes. Mason was chairman of... more »

Veronica Prego v. City of New York et al.

Veronica Prego v. City of New York et al. was a $175 million negligence lawsuit filed in 1988 by... more »

Vicki Belo

Victoria "Vicki" G. Belo is a Filipino dermatologist and television personality. more »

Victor Babeș

Victor Babeș was a Romanian physician, biologist, and one of the earliest bacteriologists. He... more »

Victor Batarseh

Victor Hanna Batarseh was the mayor of Bethlehem in the West Bank in the occupied Palestinian... more »

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