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Maarouf al-Dawalibi

Maarouf al-Dawalibi, was a Syrian politician and a two time prime minister of Syria. He was born... more »

Maarten Haverkamp

Maarten Cornelis Haverkamp is a former Dutch politician. As a member of the Christian Democratic... more »

Maarten Schakel Jr.

Maarten Schakel jr. is a Dutch politician for the CDA. In May 1, 1982, he became mayor of Lopik,... more »

Maarten Schakel Sr.

Maarten Willem Schakel was a Dutch politician. more »

Maarten Vrolijk

Maarten Vrolijk was a Dutch politician. more »

Maati Bouabid

Maati Bouabid was the Prime Minister of Morocco between March 22, 1979 and November 30, 1983. more »

Maatia Toafa

Maatia Toafa is a Tuvaluan politician, representing Nanumea who served two non-consecutive terms... more »

Mabandla Dlamini

Prince Mabandla Ndawombili Fred Dlamini was Prime Minister of Swaziland from 23 November 1979 to... more »

Mabel DeWare

Mabel Margaret DeWare is a Canadian politician, curler, and retired Senator. Born in Moncton,... more »

Mabel Howard

Mabel Bowden Howard was a well-known New Zealand trade unionist and politician. She was the... more »

Mabel Manzotti

Mabel Gladys Manzotti was an Argentine film, stage and television actress. Her film credits... more »

Mabel Miller

Dame Mabel Flora Miller, DBE was an Australian lawyer and politician. She was the first woman... more »

Mabel Philipson

Mabel Philipson was a British actress and politician. She was the third female member to serve... more »

Mabel Rebello

Miss Mabel Rebello is a politician from Indian National Congress party and a Member of the... more »

Mabel Ridealgh

Mabel Ridealgh was a Labour and Co-operative politician in the United Kingdom. Ridealgh was... more »

Mabel Strickland

The Honourable Mabel Edeline Strickland OBE, was an Anglo-Maltese journalist, newspaper... more »

Mabel Tylecote

Dame Dr Mabel Tylecote, DBE was a British Labour Party politician, activist and adult... more »

Mabinty Daramy

Mabinty Daramy is a Sierra Leonean politician who is Sierra Leone's Deputy Minister of Finance... more »

Mable Elmore

Mable Elmore is a Canadian politician, who was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly... more »

Mable Thomas

"Able" Mable Thomas was a member of the Georgia House of Representatives representing Georgia... more »

Mac Abbott

Macartney "Mac" Abbott was an Australian politician. Born in Murrundi, New South Wales, he was... more »

Mac Collins

Michael Allen "Mac" Collins, American politician, was a Republican member of the United States... more »

Mac Harb

Mac Harb is a retired Canadian parliamentarian. Mac Harb spent 25 years in Parliament first as a... more »

Mac Holten

Rendle McNeilage "Mac" Holten CMG was a leading Australian rules footballer, Australian... more »

Mac Huddleston

Elton Mac Huddleston is a Republican member of the Mississippi House of Representatives,... more »

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