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Rachmat Witoelar

Rachmat Nadi Witoelar Kartaadipoetra or Rachmat Witoelar was the State Minister of Environment... more »

Rachmawati Sukarnoputri

Rachmawati Sukarnoputri is the daughter of Sukarno and Fatmawati. more »

Racho Petrov

Racho Petrov Stoyanov was a leading Bulgarian general and politician. A talented soldier, Petrov... more »

Rad Kortenhorst

Leonardus Gerardus Kortenhorst was a Dutch politician. He was president of the House of... more »

Rada Istrate

Rada Istrate was an actress and politician. more »

Rada Trzech

The Council of Three was a collegial body created by the Polish Government in Exile in 1954 with... more »

Radasłaŭ Astroŭski

Radasłaŭ Astroŭski was a Belarusian nationalist political activist and political leader, notably... more »

Rade Končar

Rade Končar was a Yugoslav Communist leader and legendary World War II resistance fighter. more »

Radek John

Radek John is a Czech journalist, writer, screenwriter and politician, current chairman of the... more »

Raden Patah

Raden Patah was the founder and the first sultan of Demak Sultanate. more »

Radford Gamack

Radford Baird Gamack was an Australian politician and a member of the New South Wales... more »

Radha Krishna Mainali

Radha Krishna Mainali is a Nepalese politician. In the early 1970s he was one of the radical... more »

Radha Mohan Singh

Radha Mohan Singh is an Indian politician and a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Singh was... more »

Radhabinod Koijam

Radhabinod Koijam is a politician from Manipur, India. He is currently the president of the... more »

Radhakant Nayak

Radhakant Nayak is an Indian politician belonging to the Indian National Congress party. He is a... more »

Radhey Shyam Kori

Radhey Shyam Kori is an Indian politician for the Ghatampur in Uttar Pradesh. more »

Radhika Coomaraswamy

Radhika Coomaraswamy was the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Special... more »

Radhika Ranjan Gupta

Radhika Ranjan Gupta was an Indian National Congress leader and the Chief Minister of Tripura in... more »

Radimir Čačić

Radimir Čačić is a Croatian politician and businessman, and the president of the Croatian... more »

Radius Prawiro

Dr. Radius Prawiro, Drs.ec.,AK was an Indonesian economist and politician. more »

Radivoje Brajović

Radivoje Brajović was the President of the Presidency of the Socialist Republic of Montenegro... more »

Radmila Hrustanović

Radmila Hrustanović born 25 November 1952, Belgrade, Serbia is a Serbian politician. She was... more »

Radmila Šekerinska

Radmila Šekerinska Jankovska is the former leader of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia... more »

Radnaasumbereliyn Gonchigdorj

Radnaasumbereliyn Gonchigdorj was a member of the Mongolian Social Democratic Party who was the... more »

Radoje Kontić

Radoje Kontić is a retired Montenegrin politician and technologist. He was the last Chairman of... more »

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