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Han Seung-soo

Dr. Han Seung-soo KBE is a South Korean politician and diplomat. He was Prime Minister of South... more »

Han Young-sil

Han Young-sil, is a professor and nutritionist in South Korea. She was president of Sookmyung... more »

Hank Dunn

Hank Dunn is the President of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. more »

Hanlee P. Ji

Hanlee P. Ji is Assistant Professor of Oncology at Stanford University. more »

Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson

Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson is a professor of political science at the University of Iceland... more »

Hannes Vogel

Hannes Vogel is Professor of Pathology and of Pediatrics (Pediatric Genetics) and, by courtesy,... more »

Hans C. Andersen

Hans C Andersen is David Mulvane Ehrsam and Edward Curtis Franklin Professor in Chemistry,... more »

Hans C. Bjornsson

is at Stanford University. more »

Hans Eiberg

Hans Eiberg, is a Danish geneticist, known for his discovery of the genetic mutation causing... more »

Hans Jansen

Johannes "Hans" J. G. Jansen is a retired scholar of contemporary Islam in the... more »

Hans Köchler

Hans Köchler is professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and... more »

Hans Küng

Hans Küng is a Swiss Catholic priest, theologian, and author. Since 1995 he has been President... more »

Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling is a Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician and public speaker. He is... more »

Hans Walter Wolff

Hans Walter Wolff was a German Protestant theologian. He was professor at the University of... more »

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Hans-Hermann Hoppe is a German-born American political philosopher, sociologist, libertarian... more »

Hans-Werner Sinn

Hans-Werner Sinn is a German economist and President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research. more »

Hany Farid

Hany Farid is a professor of computer science at Dartmouth College, and former chair of... more »

Haralambie Corbu

Haralambie Corbu is a professor and author from the Republic of Moldova. She is a member of the... more »

Harald Reuter

Harald Reuter is Faculty of Science at the University of Basel more »

Harald zur Hausen

Harald zur Hausen is a German virologist and professor emeritus. He has done research on cancer... more »

Harcharan Gill

Harcharan Gill is Associate Professor of Urology at the Stanford University Medical Center at... more »

Harikesh S. Nair

Harikesh Nair's research interests are broadly in applying economic theory and econometric tools... more »

Harley McAdams

Harley H McAdams is Professor (Research) of Developmental Biology at Stanford University. more »

Harold Berman

Harold J. Berman was an American legal scholar who was an expert in comparative, international... more »

Harold Budd

Harold Budd is an American avant-garde composer and poet. He was born in Los Angeles, and raised... more »

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